Anthony Joshua reacts to the best 'No Context Hearn' clips

‘No Context Hearn’ took social media by storm last year, with the videos the account put up being used as reactions very creatively by social media users.

The account does what it says on the tin and provides clips of boxing promoter Eddie Hearn taken out of context, and the end results are fantastic.

YouTube boxing channel ‘iFL TV’ yesterday got the chance to sit down with British heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and made him watch some of the iconic clips, and it’s safe to say he found them just as hilarious as we do.

The first clip shown to Joshua is from Hearn talking about other boxing promoters. “Boring, old, yesterday’s news, out the way, excuse me, we’re coming through.”

This clip you will often find on the internet being used by those really lad-type males with captions such as ‘me and the boys entering the club’. Ricky Gervais’ “ooo you’re hard” line in ‘The Office’ series springs to mind.

Next up is a clip of Hearn which Joshua thinks is about himself.

Hearn says: “Go and see exactly what’s out there and come back to me,” which Joshua believes is in reference of when he was turning professional.

Hearn told Joshua to see what other promoters would offer him, in order to show him that he was Joshua’s best option.

The third and final clip might just be our favourite of ‘No Context Hearn.’

“I’m not having this, I’m not having this, no, no, no.”

This now iconic line is actually from an interview with ‘iFL TV’, and comes after Kugan Cassius, the interviewer, disrespected Hearn’s prestigious October schedule.

Joshua, who is giggling throughout the video, even has his own take on the clip, saying: “It’s like a teacher at school… I’m not having this alright.”

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