Women's Sport: What to stream on Amazon Prime to get your sport fix in self-isolation

It’s been over a week since sport was put on pause but that doesn’t mean it has to disappear from your TV screens entirely, it’s just about looking in new places for that women’s sports fix.

It turns out that as well as venturing into live sports broadcast, Amazon Prime also has a good selection of sports documentaries and films. Ideal for when you’ve binge-watched all our Netflix suggestions.

Here is what’s on our watchlist:

This is Football

This documentary series chart football’s impact on the world and there is one episode in particular that we think is a must-watch. Episode Two is all about the 99ers aka the USWNT’s 1999 World Cup-winning team. It also looks at how Japan rallied at the 2011 World Cup, just three months after a devastating natural disaster. Football at it’s most unifying and history-making. You love to see it.

I, Tonya

This one isn’t a documentary but it’s leaving Prime at the end of March so best get on it quickly. The Oscar-winning film, starring Margot Robbie, charts figure-skater Tonya Harding’s life on the rink and off it and her involvement in one of sport’s most infamous scandals. 

Running for Good

Running is something we’re all likely going to be doing a lot of over the coming weeks and this film is sure to inspire you to lace up. It follows the world record marathon runner Fiona Oakes as she trains for the Marathon des Sables across the Sahara Desert and aims to break another record. What makes it even more remarkable? She doesn’t have a kneecap.

The Kicks

As well as win World Cups, Alex Morgan also writes children’s books and they’ve been adapted into a series on Amazon Prime for your family to watch. There are ten episodes and we figured it’s definitely worth an inclusion now that school is out for lots of children.

Stories from the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015

Look back on a pivotal World Cup that saw the USWNT defeat Japan to win their third world cup and England win their first medal coming in third. The documentary promises the best footage from the tournament combined with exclusive behind-the-scenes access for an enjoyable retrospective.

Golden Girl

What does it take to be the best female boxer in the world, and what happens when your career is turned upside down with one blow? This documentary follows Frida Wallberg, the WBC World Champion who went undefeated in her career until she suffered a brain haemorrhage that changed everything.  

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