Women’s Sport: Women rugby players stuck in Peru as border closes due to Coronavirus pandemic

Seven members of the Salisbury University women’s rugby team are stranded in Peru, as the government has declared a state of emergency and sealed the country’s borders.

The team had flown to Peru for spring break, but are now stuck in the Miraflores District near Lima in Peru where many other American residents are also without a way of getting home.

After Martin Vizzarra, president of Peru, appeared on television to announce the new restrictions, two players who spoke Spanish translated and broke the bad news to the rest of the camp.

Some players did manage to find a way out in time, but were forced to spend extortionate sums of money that some members of the squad could simply not afford. Two spent $1000, another paid $2500 for a flight, whilst a fourth was fortunate enough to have enough points to pay for a flight.

Kirby Given, a 24 year old Maryland University graduate, told press that “we’re dealing with it on a day-to-day basis.”

Many of the stranded players are students and the likes of Given are having to rely on parents to provide financial help whilst they are stuck. “Our families have been very supportive,” she said. “My family said anything you need, just let us know.”

The problem however, is not financial concerns but how long this situation will last. It is unclear at this stage when the seven players will be able to catch flights, with the U.S said to be doing everything in their power to bring Americans home. This may involve commercial and private flights, and even military ones if the situation gets to that stage. For now though, all the team can do is sit tight and wait…

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