Manchester United fan Andy Tate says Liverpool will forever be in their shadow

  • Kobe Tong

Does anybody remember Manchester United fan Andy Tate? 

Of course you do. The motor-mouthed FullTimeDEVILS regular became a viral sensation during the David Moyes era when his post-match rants racked up thousands of YouTube views.

It’s impossible to forget Tate rambling on about Moyes being ‘the biggest fool in Manchester’ and how the Red Devils should ‘give it Giggsy till the end of the season’.

Technically speaking, Tate did get his wish and United are slowly starting to improve under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, so we haven’t seen too much of him on our computer screens recently.

But just because his heyday of the 2013-14 season has long since passed, that doesn’t mean the much-adored United fan isn’t capable of peering his head into the mainstream again.

Man Utd fan Andy Tate returns

That’s because he made an appearance on 888 Sport’s ‘Unpopular Opinion’ segment earlier this month and it was good to see the supporter in such good spirits about United.

However, you can’t appear on something call ‘Unpopular Opinion’ without annoying a few people and Tate’s comments have certainly gone down like a lead balloon with Liverpool fans.

Wonder why? Well, Tate’s opinion of choice was that Liverpool ‘will forever be in the shadow’ of his beloved United and went on to passionately breakdown the reasons why.

Andy Tate’s ‘Unpopular Opinion’

“Liverpool will never be as big as Manchester United,” Tate proudly proclaimed.

“We won the first European Cup, 13 Premier League titles, we lead 20 league titles to your 18.

“You set the benchmark in the 80s, we set the benchmark in the last 25 years. If you get a little slip, like in 2014, you will never live it f***ing down.

“Whatever you do, you’ll never be as big as us because we’re always that little on the windscreen that’ll never go away.

“Liverpool will be forever in Manchester United’s shadow, whatever they do and that is my unpopular opinion.” 

Who’s the biggest club in England?

There’s no denying that United and Liverpool are the two biggest clubs in the country, but deciding between the two is surprisingly difficult.

The two north-west sides have gone back and forth over the last few decades in terms of league titles and trophies won, both experiencing periods of absolute dominance.

And while we couldn’t possible separate the two clashing titans of the English game, we most certainly know which of them is on top right now and, sorry Andy, it isn’t your lot.

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