Mike Tyson shows he's still got it during spar with his dog

Mike Tyson is now 53 years old but he showed he’s still got it in an Instagram video with his dog.

Like the majority of the world at the moment, the boxing legend is currently self-quarantined at his home.

So how is he spending his time? By playing around with his pet dog, Mars.

Tyson was famed for his speed and power during a boxing career that saw him dubbed the ‘Baddest man on the planet.’

And he showed that in abundance while jokingly sparring his dog.

Watch it below:

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We think Tyson won that one. Mars clearly realised the trouble they were in and smartly ran away.

Tyson also uploaded another Instagram video of him and his dog, but this time it was a friendly encounter between the two.

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This isn’t the first time Tyson has wrestled with his pets, though.

He quite famously owned a tiger and footage has emerged of the two wrestling.


Unfortunately, Tyson doesn’t own the tiger anymore. He revealed that he had to give it up after it ‘ripped someone’s arm off.’

“I did have a pet tiger, her name was Kenya and she was around 550 pounds,” Tyson told GQ, per the DailyStar.

“I had a great affection for her; I kept her, I slept with her, I kept her in my room.

“She stayed with me I had her about 16 years. She was a massive monster, you can’t imagine the size of her.

“But she got too old and I had to get rid of her when her eyes and her head got bad. Oh and she ripped somebody’s arm off.”

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