Women's Sport: Sport England wants everyone to stay active in self-isolation

At the moment, each day the world looks a little more different to how it did before the coronavirus became a pandemic, but Sport England wants us all to try and keep one thing the same – staying active.

As well as supporting sporting organisations who might be struggling at this time, Sport England has launched a new campaign to get the country moving called #StayInWorkOut.

On their website, they have compiled a great list of activities for all ages that can be done from the comfort of home or outside with the necessary social distance of two metres.

The list includes the Couch to 5k running programme and home workout videos as well as exercises tailored for children and the over 65s.

Announcing the campaign, Sport England’s CEO Tim Hollingsworth said: “Helping the nation get active is in Sport England’s DNA but it has never felt more important than it does right now. Although people may have to think creatively about how they do it over this period, keeping active is vital for our physical and mental health, for boosting our immune systems and helping us bounce back from being unwell and just generally for making us feel better.

“Provided they are following the government’s advice on social distancing and they feel well enough, people can still get outside to take part in an activity – getting out for a walk or a run or hopping on a bike or going to the park with their kids.

“There’s also loads people can do in their own home and we’re working hard to bring the best advice and support to people to do that, even with limited space and no equipment.”

He added that they hope people will share the workouts and ideas that work for them using #StayInWorkOut hashtag.

They will also be updating their recommendations in line with the changing government advice.

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