Conor McGregor has sent an incredible message of support to people of Italy amid Covid-19 crisis

Conor McGregor took to Instagram last night to post a heartfelt message to his Italian followers.

McGregor was intent on letting them know that they and their “great nation” had his condolences as they are going through a severely dark time, as the coronavirus has impacted the nation massively.

“I cannot get Italy out of my thoughts. Praying daily for this great nation that brought the world such amazing things. From its people and their culture. To its architecture and design.

“Its style! Its cuisine! Its art! The list goes on and on and on! Italy and its people are class personified, through and through. ‪Lord Jesus please save Italy and it’s people today and every day here forward”

Conor is clearly a fan of the finer Italian luxuries, with one of his most ‘notorious’ moments coming from the final press conference leading up to his title fight with Eddie Alvarez “I’m a f****** pimp, rocking Gucci mink and without me, this whole f****** ship would sink” quite the poet is Mr McGregor.

A small scroll down his Instagram will also show his love for Lamborghini’s too. McGregor posted a photo on Christmas Eve of a Lamborghini Urus with a red bow on the bonnet, that he had seemingly purchased as a Christmas present.

The post came along with the caption, ‘Christmas Eve at the McGregor’s.’ Can I get an invite this year, guys?

On a serious note though, McGregor’s message to Italy comes at a time of crisis as the country is struggling in its battle with the coronavirus.

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The death toll in Italy because of the virus recently overtook that of China, with over 5,000 deaths currently caused by the virus and there are also over 59,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

The coronavirus seems like it has brought everything to a standstill now, with most of the UK on lockdown.

With schools now shut along with bars and stores, this really is a time for consideration for those around us, those less fortunate who could really struggle due to the virus outbreak.

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