Women's Sport: Swimmer Georgia Davies on the impact of coronavirus

With so many question marks over this year’s Olympics and limits on athletes’ ability to train, Welsh swimmer Georgia Davies says it has left sportspeople out of their comfort zones.

Talking to BBC Radio Wales Sport, Davies, the Commonwealth bronze medallist who also won four medals including two golds at the 2018 European Championships, said that health should take priority and sportspeople’s goals are on hold.

She said: “Nobody really wants to just stay at home and everybody’s making sacrifices so I think everybody’s being affected differently and it is definitely hard for athletes.

“We are so used to being out and about and very active. [Now] having to stay very stagnant – I don’t know if that’s the right way to explain it, but staying put is out of our usual comfort zone.”

The 29-year-old is training for a third Olympics has had to alter her plans and return from her training base in Turkey: “I’ve had to come back to the UK because my usual training base is in Turkey, but with borders being shut and flights decreasing a lot, we thought it was safer to just come home.

“And if there is a risk of getting ill, I’d definitely rather be close to home if that happens.

“It’s quite strange for athletes because I know the most important thing is about health, not whether we can train or not, but this is just what we do.”

Davies said that she will continue training for the Olympics at home, despite the uncertainty over qualification after the UK trials due to take place in April were cancelled because of the virus.

Her training will take place out of the pool, she said: “It’s better than not exercising at all, but it’s far away from what we would usually be doing in a normal week of training.

“It is quite challenging just because although, yes, for many people sport is just entertainment or a hobby, for professional athletes it is kind of our life.

“We dedicate hours and hours, everything, not just within the pool or our field of play. It’s everything around that we do to the best of our abilities so that we can perform well.”

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