The 10 most viral rants from AFTV

  • Alex Batt

Everyone has heard of Arsenal Fan TV, now better known as simply AFTV, and whether you love it or loathe it, it’s very, very successful and very, very popular.

The platform that was created by Arsenal fan Robbie Lyle has taken over and dominated the fan channel industry and is comfortably the biggest out there today, beating the likes of Redmen TV and FullTimeDEVILS.

However, a lot of AFTV’s success comes down to Arsenal failing on the pitch, as rival fans love nothing more than heading over to the YouTube channel after the Gunners have suffered a defeat.

You’ve probably all heard of the term ‘Arsenal Fan TV and chill’, and that basically sums up the channel. Yes it’s dedicated to Arsenal and its target market would be Arsenal fans, but rival fans love nothing more than seeing Mikel Arteta’s side lose so they can head on over and see the diehard fans blow a gasket on video.

When you’ve got the likes of DT, Troopz, Claude and so on reacting to losses immediately after the final whistle, it does make for entertaining viewing, Arsenal fan or not, but some times they are pushed over the edge by the team they love and adore. When they go over the edge is when they are at their brilliant, most viral, best.

So without further ado, here for your pleasure is the 10 most viral AFTV breakdowns from over the years. Self-isolation, we’re about to kick your butt!

To work this out, we’ve basically loaded up their YouTube channel and sorted the videos from most popular. We’ve ignored all other videos other than fancams about certain games (also excluding player ratings videos)

10. Bayern Munich 5 Arsenal 1| Please, Please Arsene Just GO!!! (DT Explicit Rant)

Ahh DT and Arsene Wenger. Nothing screams broken down relationship like these two.

The year was 2017 and Arsenal had been battered by the German giants at the Allianz Arena in the first leg of their last-16 Champions League tie.

Goals from Arjen Robben, Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Muller and a brace from Thiago was enough to send DT over the edge.

“Same old Arsenal, well done. Not one of us deserve this. What the f**k was that?!

That video lasted over six minutes and did a cool 1,355,877 views… and that’s the 10th on this list!

9. Arsenal 1 Bayern Munich 5 | Wenger Needs To Leave A.S.A.P (Troopz Explicit)

Another 5-1 hammering for Arsenal at the hands of Bayern Munich, but this time it was in their own backyard of the Emirates Stadium. Ouch!

‘Blud’ ‘Fam’ ‘You get me’ all over the shop for this interview as Troopz lost his head at the annihilation at the hands of the German giants.

This video lasted over six minutes as well and racked up a nice 1,493,565 views.

8. Arsenal 1 Bayern Munich 5 | Walk Away Arsene! (DT Rant)

You probably guessed that DT would feature a lot in this list, and he’s back again! This time it’s the same game as Troopz’ reaction went viral from.

Once again, he was pleading for Wenger to simply walk away from the club, which to be fair to him, was probably the right idea given the struggles the club was going through.

However, the Frenchman stayed a little while longer, which meant more and more rants from DT to fill AFTV’s pockets.

A nice 1,539,226 views from this video.

7. Liverpool 4 Arsenal 0 | I’m Past Caring And Ranting (Troopz)

If you didn’t guess by now, all of these videos consist of either Troopz or DT; what can we say? Guess they are popular or just well known for their absolute meltdowns after an Arsenal loss.

The Gunners had just been battered and played off the park by Liverpool at Anfield, and things were so bad for Troopz, he claimed he’d stopped caring and ranting.

Probably keeps him healthier, to be honest, but still, that video took home 1,541,219 views.

6. Arsenal 0-3 Man City | We Are Spineless & Until Wenger Goes, Things Will Never Change!! (DT Rant)

Ahh another Arsenal loss and another DT rant; it really is very clear to see that AFTV do their best when it’s a loss for their club.

Wenger’s men got schooled that day by a ruthless Manchester City, and it was once again time to call for Wenger’s head.

Again, to be fair to DT, he was saying the right things. Arsenal were spineless and they always rolled over when the big boys came to play.

View count? 1,573,353.

5. West Brom 3 Arsenal 1 | Wenger Should Resign TONIGHT!!! (Troopz Explicit Rant)

They weren’t just spineless when the big boys came to play, however, as they were woeful away from home too during the latter stages of Wenger’s management.

A shocking 3-1 loss to West Brom was enough to see Troopz demand the Frenchman retire that very night!

If only Wenger watched the channel, he may have done just that! (He wouldn’t have done, let’s be honest)

The views keep on coming in though for the channel, with this rant doing a lovely 1,795,990 views.

4. Arsenal 1-4 Chelsea | There Are Too Many Weak Minded Bottle Jobs At Our Club (DT)

It wasn’t just Wenger that got DT’s blood boiling, however, as when Unai Emery’s men completely bottled it in the Europa League final vs Chelsea, he was fuming.

Understandable considering he probably spent two weeks travelling to Baku only to see his side get completely outplayed by Maurizio Sarri’s men, who had already got Champions League qualification for the following season.

Comfortably Emery’s worst night in charge of Arsenal, and obviously his spell didn’t last much longer past that, but this forgettable night gave AFTV a nice 1,819,332 views.

3. Arsenal 0 Crystal Palace 3 | (Passionate RANT) Arsenal Are Killing Me says DT

And now we enter the top three viral rants from AFTV, and we start with yet another away day humbling for Arsene Wenger’s men.

Although the title of the video would have you believing Arsenal were the home side, they were at Selhurst Park this night and were comfortably beaten 3-0 by Sam Allardyce’s side.

With the game done, and Arsenal sitting outside the top four after this result, DT cut a noticeably deflated figure as he grew sick and tired of his club under Wenger.

Really is tough being an Arsenal fan, but 1,888,548 enjoy this video.

2. Bayern Munich 5 Arsenal 1 | Arsene Wenger Is Extinct! (Explicit)

Back to that humbling night in Munich and it is Troopz who takes home the silver medal with 1,968,697 views. NEARLY TWO MILLION PEOPLE!

Yes, nearly two million people saw Troopz react to Arsenal’s forgettable night at the Allianz Arena.

What more can be said about that really?

1. Liverpool 4 Arsenal 0 | Arsene Wenger Is Finished!!! (DT Angry Rant)

Number 1 and the most viewed AFTV rant is DT’s video after Liverpool thumped Arsenal 4-0 at Anfield back in 2017.

Arsenal fans have become used to watching their side get thumped away from home against the big boys, in particular Liverpool, Manchester City and sometimes Chelsea.

However, this afternoon in Merseyside was clearly too much for DT, who once again continued his badmouthing of Wenger.

So how many views did this video get? 3,417,779!

There it is then. The most viewed rants on AFTV and the top video has raked over 3.4m views!

Now we all know the platform is for Arsenal and for Arsenal fans, but it’s no coincidence that their top 10 videos are about big losses or big upsets.

Not a single video from their triumphant FA Cup journeys? Not a single video from beating fierce rivals Tottenham? Maybe Hector Bellerin was right all along…

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