Loads more people have been playing Wii Sports bowling since the outbreak of the coronavirus

Wii Sports to this day still remains the best-selling video game of all time.

Released fourteen years ago, Nintendo claim to have sold a massive 82.88 million copies of the game since 2006.

The game’s release brought a brand-new gaming experience into our homes, which in turn brought a whole new level of family competition along with it.

My Grandad once “accidentally” punched me in the head as we were on the boxing mode, nice one.

Many social media users have taken to social media platforms to share their Wii Sports experiences and bowling seems to be the most popular between users.

The best tweet I’ve seen came from user @Tobin_Odyssey:

“I’ve seen a good amount of Wii bowling being played during this quarantine. So I’d like to say that I bowled a 300 on Wii Sports bowling when I was 10. Humblebrag.”


Hilarious, but likely to feature on this week’s edition of “things that didn’t happen.”

This post along with others clearly shows the surge in Wii Sports players as we look for ways of entertainment in this time of quarantine.

The nostalgia is real.

I, myself have opted to also dust off the Wii and get myself some hours in the bowling alley, it’s not going great.

Another great tweet came from user @bnpertl: “Experts recommend learning a new skill during this time of quarantine. I’ve picked something that will contribute to both my personal and professional development. Wii bowling.”

Right there with you, mate.

I might take to Wii boxing and try and beat the infamous ‘Matt’, the guy seemed unbeatable fourteen years ago and is something of legend.

The Matt themed memes became a big thing last year and the character has become a gaming cultural icon.

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