WWE news: WrestleMania 36 'I wasn't there' merchandise is actually being sold by WWE

The sporting world has been brought to a halt by coronavirus but for WWE, the show must go on. 

In fact, the biggest show of them all must go on. 

WrestleMania 36 is less than two weeks away and as it stands, the Showcase of Immortals will be going ahead. 

But not as it usually does. 

This year, The Show of Shows will be aired over two nights – Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th April – and as far as we know, it won’t be live. 

Oh, and perhaps most importantly, there won’t be any fans in attendance, it will be the first WrestleMania from an empty arena. 

WWE’s decision to push on with the event has caused some controversy and many believe they should have just postponed it, similar to everything else in the sporting world. 

But that’s not Vince McMahon’s style, is it? In fact, it seems some at WWE are even poking fun at the situation, by releasing rather unique WrestleMania merchandise. Check it out: 

Yes, those are actually shirts that say ‘I wasn’t there’ and yes, WWE are actually selling them. 

We’re not sure if that’s brilliant marketing or the exact opposite.

Some fans have found the t-shirts funny, while others have described the stunt as ‘cold’ and ‘disrespectful’.

“That’s pretty cold and disrespectful to do this. Are the proceeds going to go to any hospitals? Where do the proceeds go? What about the host city that lost the event?” one tweeted. 

Another wrote: “Sure, who needs money during a global pandemic?” 

Other fans did see the lighter side, with one tweeting: “We need to more ‘I was gonna be there’ and ‘I wanted to be there’ shirts.”  

Wherever you stand on this ‘I wasn’t there’ merchandise, you can’t deny the fact WWE have certainly started a conversation around WrestleMania. 

Surely that, as The Authority like to say, is ‘best for business’. 

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