The 30 most amazing pitches in the world

During this coronavirus crisis, we miss the beautiful game.

Of course, there are more important things at stake than football but that doesn’t mean fans can mourn the loss of the greatest sport in the world.

We don’t know when we’ll be able to watch the next football match.

We can’t even play with our mates due to government advice on social distancing and self-isolation.

But when this all finally blows over and we come out the other side, we’ll be gagging for some fresh air and a kick-around.

And to get you excited at the very thought of playing football again, German outlet Sport have compiled a list of 30 most amazing places to play. The list includes incredible pitches, amazing stadiums, unique technology and just beautiful scenery.

Let’s take a look:

Estadio Silvestre Carriollo | Tenerife

We’ve heard of pitches with a slope in Sunday League but this pitch is literally built on the side of a slope. It’s also located on the roof of an office building.

Borisov Arena | Belarus

An incredible design which, despite its appearance, only holds 13,000. It’s home to FC BATE Borisov and the Belarus national football team.

Changlimithang Stadium | Bhutan

The stadium was built in 1974 to for the coronation of the fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Located 2,300 meters (7,500 ft) above sea level, the stadium is one of the highest in the world and is used by the Bhutan national side.

Estadio Janguito Malucelli | Brazil

One of the world’s first “eco” stadiums. Seats are placed on the side of a grass stand, with no concrete being used. Player benches are also used from wooden trunks.

Rooftops | Tokyo

There’s very little space on the ground for a football pitch in Tokyo so this pitch has been placed on the rooftop.

Estadio Alberto Chivo De Cordoba | Mexico

Most of this 32,000-seater stadium consists of one large stand. That stand in question features a mural depicting a man reaching toward the sky to touch light. Can you see it? No, us neither.

Igraliste Batarija | Croatia

This beautiful pitch next to the sea features a 15th-century fortress – Kamerlengo – behind its south goal and a solitaire tower behind the north one. But if you want to go and watch a match there, it only has 163 individual seats.

Janosovka Stadium | Slovakia

The Cierny Hron Railway is believed to be the only railway in the world to pass through the middle of a football stadium. The novelty has probably worn off for TJ Tatran Cierny Balog fans, though.

Central Coast Stadium | Australia

On the edge of Brisbane Water National Park and surrounded by palm trees, this 20,000 capacity stadium is just beautiful on a sunny day.

Estadio Akron | Chile

Its raised grassy embankment is definitely unique and looks pretty spectacular. Inside, it holds 50,000 fans and is home to well-known Chilean side, Chivas.

Shell football pitch | Brazil

This might just look like a football pitch in the middle of Rio favela but this is the first player-powered football pitch in the world. Using electrical plates under the pitch, movement from the players help power the overhead floodlights. Pele opened the pitch in 2014.

Kaohsiung National Stadium | Taiwan

The dragon-like stadium is the first in the world to provide power using solar power technology. The solar panels cover the entire stadium and generate most of the power required for its use. It also holds 55,000 fans.

Marina Bay Floating Stadium | Singapore

Imagine being a ball boy at this stadium. The floating pitch located on Singapore’s famous Bay has a stand that holds almost 30,000 spectators.

Henningsvær football pitch | Norway

Perhaps the most stunning scenery for a football pitch in the world. The fishing village of Henningsvær is beautiful and the pristine pitch at the end of the island is picturesque.

Sapporo Dome | Japan

Built for the 2002 World Cup, the Sapporo Dome features a retractable pitch that can be rolled in and out of the stadium depending on the event being held there. It is currently the home of Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo football club.

Estadio Municipal de Aveiro | Portugal

This stadium was built for Euro 2004 – and it’s certainly colourful! The 3-2 thriller between the Netherlands and Czech Republic was played there and the Portuguese Super Cup finals have been held there since 2009.

Stade Francis Di Giovanni | France

It must be nice to be able to look out of your window and watch a game of football – although we bet a few windows have been smashed due to flying balls!

Osaka Stadium | Japan

Ok, so no football will be being played inside this stadium anytime soon – at least not a professional game. The stadium is no longer in use and has been turned into a model city with cars and houses – although nobody actually lives there.

Pod Obzidjem Stadium | Slovenia

NK Portoroz Piran may play in the fourth tier of Slovenian football but they can boast one of the best locations for a pitch in Europe. Although we bet they’ve lost a fair few footballs in the sea!

Alfheim Stadion | Norway

You wouldn’t want to play here on a cold, Tuesday night. Tromsø IL are one of the most northern sides in the world with their stadium 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.

Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium | Abu Dhabi

This incredible-looking stadium is built in the middle of the desert in Abu Dhabi. It’s one of the most modern stadium in the Middle East and can hold 25,000 fans.

Gospin Dolac Stadium | Croatia

Located next the ‘Blue Lake’ in Imotski, this 4000-seater stadium was named one of the top ten most beautiful in the world by the BBC in 2017. It serves at home to NK Imotski football club, playing in Croatia’s third tier.

Petrovsky Stadium | Russia

The home to FC Zenit and FC Tosno before the until recently, the stadium sits on the edge of the Gulf of Finland.

Olympic Stadium | Montreal

“The Big O” was built for the 1976 Olympic Games. It features a huge leaning tower, which stands at 175 metres – thought to be the biggest inclined tower in the world.

Saas-Fee | Switzerland

Saas-Fee, located in the Swiss Alps near the Italian border, is known for its winter sports. But they’ve still got a football pitch standing at 1798 metres above sea-level. 

Bamburgh Castle pitch | England

Imagine turning up to a Sunday League game and having the incredible Bamburgh Castle as a backdrop. That grass looks immaculate, too.

Braga Municipal Stadium | Portugal

One of the most well-known stadiums in this list – Braga’s home stadium. The stadium is effectively built into a rock and was used during Euro 2004. 

Longgang Stadium | China

Built on an artificial body of water, the Longgang Stadium features a whacky ‘spiky’ design. The stadium has a capacity of 60,334 spectators.

Melbourne Rectangular Stadium | Australia 

This unique stadium plays host to NRL team Melbourne Storm, the Super Rugby team Melbourne Rebels, and the A-League teams Melbourne Victory FC and Melbourne City FC. It holds 30,000 spectators.

Eidi Stadium | Faroe Islands

Almost every village in the Faroe Islands has a football pitch and Eidi is no different. However, due to it being located just a few metres from the north Atlantic Ocean, the high winds meant that many balls were lost in the sea. They, therefore, had to build a new pitch inland.

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