Women's Sport: Curler Vicky Wright is returning to hospital wards to help the coronavirus fight

Vicky Wright, a two-time Scottish curling champion and European silver medallist, has returned to her job as a general surgical ward nurse to help in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

She was due to be competing in the World Championships and would have been returning today, however, after they were cancelled due to the pandemic, she decided to return to nursing. 

The 26-year-old had taken time out from her medical career last year to devote time to training for the next Winter Olympics. Alongside teammates Eve Muirhead, Lauren Gray, Jen Dodds and Sophie Sinclair, Wright was part of the Scottish team who were one of the favourites at the cancelled World Championships. 

Talking to British Curling, Wright reflected on the quick turnaround her life has taken in the last couple of weeks: “It was a weird situation and a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and we were absolutely gutted. But we could see how everything was quickly changing and we knew there were other much bigger priorities than sporting events which are now on the back burner.

“They have to take second place to what is happening just now and when I went into work last week at the hospital it really sank in. There was no world champs and the bigger picture was that helping out at home was more important just now.”

Although Wright has been curling full time since July last year, she has maintained her nursing skills by working shifts on a part-time basis. 

She said: “My nursing was full time and I juggled my curling around that, but in July 2019 my curling went full time. Both the NHS and British Curling enabled me to do one shift a week throughout this season. It was something I really enjoyed and I didn’t want to lose my skills and it was good to have something else other than just curling, it really kept me grounded.” 

Wright is still keeping up her training so that she can return to curling in the future. Her team will be waiting for her, and she said: “Now it is time to make a difference in a different way and I will now play my part in a much bigger team.”

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