The release date and potential villains for new Spider-Man game are doing the rounds online

Whilst its existence has yet to be formally confirmed, rumours concerning a follow-up to Marvel’s critically-acclaimed Spider-Man game have started to gather quite some pace.

It is fair to say that previous games based on the franchise were not exactly received with all that much enthusiasm from fans.

Such was the success of the Insomniac Games-developed 2018 Playstation 4 release, however, that a sequel has been much anticipated.

Speculation on Reddit suggests that Spidey’s next virtual outing is planned for release towards the end of next year – and will make use of Sony’s new Playstation 5 hardware.

A Reddit poster, who claims to have an inside source at Insomniac, has insisted that the game will utilise enhanced capabilities of the PS5 to expand the game map to include both Brooklyn and Queens, alongside Manhattan. 

The post suggests that the second-instalment is set to pick up where the first game left off – with Peter Parker’s best friend Harry Osborn, absent for much of the first title, slated to be a major player this time around. 

The Reddit source also suggests that notable villains such as Mysterio and Carnage are booked to be part of the game.

In addition, the return of Miles Morales has been suggested – with it being claimed that you may be able to roam freely whilst playing as the character who now possesses his own spider powers.

Of course, based on the first game, these aspects were fairly easy to have assumed – and would barely constitute a leak.

Ultimately, all of the above is taken from a single poster on a public forum.

No proof of the claims made was offered by the person behind the account – and nothing should be taken too seriously until the title is officially announced by Sony and Insomniac.

Fans are excited for a sequel and are, naturally, hungry for details of the new title. Regardless of how accurate the recent Reddit leak turns out to be, the fact that Sony purchased Insomniac last year suggests that a second game from the developer was always inevitable.

The world eagerly awaits the next virtual instalment of the Spider-Man saga.

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