Barcelona: Video claiming Sergio Busquets is the best defensive midfielder of all time goes viral

Sergio Busquets is a once in a generation footballer.

Rarely do you see a player blessed with so much skill and talent that it completely nullifies their seeming lack of physical prowess.

If you were sculpting the perfect defensive midfielder, the Barcelona legend would certainly not be the player you would create.

He’s not that strong, he really lacks pace and he’s not exactly the most tenacious in the tackle. But his intelligence, skill on the ball and passing range is what sets him apart from the rest.

Busquets has been the cornerstone of both Barcelona and Spain’s greatest ever sides, an undroppable presence who is well and truly in the upper echelons of football brilliance.

But is he the greatest defensive midfielder of all-time? There is a lot of competition. Patrick Vieira, Roy Keane and Claude Makelele are certainly strong candidates for the title.

However, a video which has now gone viral across social media highlights the unique brilliance of Busquets and it’s so convincing that it’s hard to argue against the Spaniard being the king of the defensive midfield role.

Watch for yourselves below and marvel at a genius making elite level football look like a walk in the park.


What. A. Baller.

Busquets’ grace and finesse on the ball is not usually a characteristic synonymous with a defensive midfield role, but it makes the job far easier if you have it.

Opposing forwards will be more wary of pressing and creating space through a little dummy or drag back can kickstart attacks from deep ever so effectively.

Every single playmaker in world football would be proud of that Busquets compilation, that’s how good it is.

The 2019/20 season has seen the great man slightly regress and Barcelona will soon face the tough task of replacing the 31-year-old.

They’ve never been able to replace Xavi Hernandez or Andres Iniesta and finding a suitable heir to Busquets’ throne will be just as tough.

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