Coronavirus: Premier League players to revolt over playing behind closed doors

The coronavirus pandemic has seen the majority of European nations go into lockdown in order to contain the new disease.

Last night, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced strict new guidelines for his people to follow, including the banning of social gatherings of more than two people.

The new rules will be in place for a minimum of three weeks and it appears the the United Kingdom is only at the start of a long fight against the Covid-19 outbreak.

It means that the restarting of the Premier League season looks further away than ever and there is a very realistic chance that the entire 2019/20 campaign will simply be cancelled.

Liverpool would rightly feel incredibly hard done by, but it may come to the point when the English footballing authorities simply have no other option.

The prospect of playing games behind-closed-doors continues to be mentioned, but the Mirror revealed last night that Premier League players are preparing to revolt over that scenario coming to fruition.

Plans have been drawn up to restart the season as early as May to fulfil billion-pound television contracts, but the players are not having it.

They’ve outlined the following reasons to support their stance:

  • They fear for their own safety due to the strict guidelines about ‘social distancing’
  • If they become infected, their families would be at great risk
  • Extra strain would be put on the emergency services, as they would need to facilitate each game with extra staff
  • They simply don’t want to play without any supporters in the stadiums

Fair play to the players!

However, the stark realisation is that if clubs do not adhere to the Premier League’s wishes, then they could very well enter serious financial trouble.

In a few months time, the players may have to go against their best wishes in order to protect the clubs. What a horrible situation we are in right now.

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