WWE news: AJ Styles will face The Undertaker in the first-ever 'Boneyard Match' at WrestleMania

We are less than two weeks away from the event that is now ‘Too Big for One Night’ – WrestleMania 36.

Vince McMahon has decided to do a lot of first-evers in recent weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic which is unfortunately sweeping across the world.

He first decided to hold all WWE shows in an empty WWE Performance Center, insisting that the show must go on despite all other sports being postponed.

No-one really expected Mania to go ahead behind closed doors, and the more favourable option was to postpone it until the Summer, but it’s still happening, and one of the big matches on the card is The Undertaker against AJ Styles.

The Phenomenal One has had two run-ins with The Deadman – first at Super ShowDown where Taker interjected himself into the Tuwaiq Trophy match, pinning Styles to win the ‘prestigious’ bout, and then at Elimination Chamber where he attacked AJ once again.

The dirtsheet rumours proved themselves to be true as the match had been rumoured for a while, and the storyline has seen Taker become more humanised during the last few weeks.

From Styles name-dropping Taker’s real name to slating his wife – WWE icon Michelle McCool – this feud seems personal, and it’s been given a very unique match stipulation at Mania.

After being given microphone time on Raw last night, Styles laid down a challenge to Taker – specifically a ‘Boneyard match’.

Now it’s unclear as to what one of those is, but the general consensus is that the Buried Alive match is making a return to WWE.

We haven’t seen one of those in nearly 10 years, which is when Kane defeated Taker at Bragging Rights and used a digger to ‘bury’ him under a mass of dirt.

A Boneyard match seems like a very PG way of bringing back the Buried Alive stipulation, and it brings another sense of intrigue to a match that was already exciting on paper!

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