Brilliant moment Tyson Fury's children gatecrash his attempt to stream a live home workout

Tyson Fury’s attempts to live stream a stay-at-home workout to help his followers keep fit and healthy while they self-isolate didn’t quite go to plan.

The WBC champion is taking Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s words seriously and is encouraging fans to stay fit and healthy while they are isolating at home by following his workouts.

During the live stream, Fury said: “I said I’d do a live video of training and that’s what I’m gonna do.

“Every day I’m gonna do a live video of me doing a bit of training and everybody can join in if they want.

“I’m gonna be doing two sessions a day because we’ve got nothing else to do.

“I’m gonna stay indoors, I’m not gonna go out and spread this disease, I’m gonna stay in and do what the Prime Minister says.”

Fury encouraged wife Paris to get involved in some of his weight lifting exercises and this is where things began to get a bit chaotic. 

Two-year-old Valencia was the first to enter in search of her mum while Fury and his wife pumped iron with the sound system at full blast.

Eldest Venezuela then took the opportunity to grab her moment in the spotlight throwing some shapes behind her dad and was quickly followed in by brother Prince.

Before long the whole family are in the room and Fury’s workout video has turned into more of a dance-off with the kids.

It’s good to see a bit of the loving side of the 6″9 WBC heavyweight champion and it is heartening to see his positive message to fans in these worrying times.

Fury is streaming twice a day during the nationwide lock-down so if you fancy training with a champion to get fit at home, tune in.

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