Every Premier League club's most viewed video on their YouTube channel

  • Kobe Tong

Football fans will be spending plenty of time on YouTube during the coronavirus pandemic.

As the United Kingdom follows other nations into lockdown, the need to entertain oneself within the confines of your own home is increasing and that’s easier said than done without live sport.

But just as the sporting world begins to twiddle its thumbs, football clubs are doing us all a favour by cranking open their vaults and publishing the footage of classic moments over the years.

So, social media managers can perhaps expect their views to hike as supporters traipse through the video sharing site to reminisce about the beautiful game that they miss so badly.

And here at GIVEMESPORT, our own YouTube procrastination gave us a thought: what’s the most viewed video on every Premier League’s official channel?

Most viewed Premier League YouTube videos

Whichever video racked up the most viewers is a surefire indication of which games, goals or viral moments piqued the interest of their own fans and rival ones over the years.

Our only rule is that introductory/welcome videos don’t count; we’re after the content itself as opposed to trailers or compilations signalling that they’re on their way.

But disclaimers out the way, kick back and check out the 20 video hoovering up the airtime:


Video: Can you bowl better than these Arsenal stars?

View count: 6.5 million

Oh dear, Arsenal, oh dear. It clearly says a lot about the club’s performances in recent years that their most viewed video is, well, them playing a completely different sport.

Apparently Gooners would rather see Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gabriel and David Ospina bowling at Essex County Cricket Club than playing football at Emirates Stadium.

Aston Villa

Video: Aston Villa 2-1 Leicester City (Carabao Cup Semi Final) | Highlights

View count: 759,000

You can’t blame Villa fans for this one. Overcoming a club in the Premier League’s top four to reach Wembley was certainly dramatic and the absolute limbs at full-time is dripping with replay value.


Video: SALAH HAT-TRICK TOO MUCH 😔 | AFC Bournemouth 0-4 Liverpool

View count: 1.2 million

Sadly for smaller clubs, this is the first indication that fans from bigger clubs prefer to click on their videos to see them get absolutely obliterated than their own supporters do to see them succeed.

In fairness, though, putting ‘Salah hat-trick’ in capital letters at the start of the title with the Liverpool forward as the thumbnail does make it look as though the Reds have posted it themselves.

Brighton & Hove Albion

Video: Glen Rea Backheel

View count: 225,000

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the moment random view on the whole list.

That being said, it’s admittedly really funny to see Under-21 player Glen Rea back-heeling the ball into the face of Millwall’s Kris Twardek on the volley during a match back in 2013.


Video: SUPER CLARETS | THE GOALS | Manchester United v Burnley 2019/20

View count: 926,000

A very recent one, this. It’s understandable that Burnley fans want to reflect on their fantastic victory at Old Trafford and we’re sure plenty of them came for repeat viewings of Jay Rodriguez’s screamer.


Video: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Scares Jose Mourinho

View count: 8.6 million

Drogba scoring in the 2012 Champions League final? A compilation of Frank Lampard’s greatest ever goals? Highlights from a stunning victory from this season, maybe? None of those things.

Rather, Chelsea’s most viewed video can be credited to a rather cheeky title in which Jose Mourinho is only slightly surprised to see Zlatan Ibrahimovic after the win over PSG in 2014.

Crystal Palace

Video: Crystal Palace Cheerleaders “Call Me Maybe” #CallMeCrystals

View count: 3.1 million

Hmmm… yeh… we’ll let you do the maths on why so many fans have clicked on this.




View count: 2 million

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. We can understand some of the smaller clubs having their big defeats at the top of the pile, but this is Everton we’re talking about, one of English football’s old giants.

Clearly Liverpool fans couldn’t resist annoying the social media team at Goodison Park by pushing their absolute annihilation of them to the summit of their view count. Fair play if that’s the case.

Leicester City

Video: 29 Pace? Wes Morgan Responds To FIFA 20 Rating! 😂

View count: 3.8 million

In fairness to Leicester, this video is absolute class. The media team at the King Power Stadium pulled out all the editing stops to make Wes Morgan look like Usain Bolt in a response to EA Sports.


Video: Mo Salah bursts through wall to surprise kids | KOP KIDS PRANK

View count: 23 million

You’d have thought that highlights of the Barcelona comeback would be top – that comes fourth, for the record – but we’re delighted to see such a heartwarming moment take the gold medal.

Prank videos are always a recipe for success on YouTube and seeing the delight and surprise on the school kids’ faces as Salah bursts out from behind them has ‘shareability’ written all over it.

Manchester City

Video: TUNNEL CAM | City 0-1 Chelsea

View count: 10 million

Ah, click bait. Ok, maybe that’s harsh, but we have no doubt that the thumbnail, which makes it look as though Samuel Eto’o is about to head-butt Yaya Toure, is responsible for these bonkers views.

What actually happens? Well, the two African stars simply swap shirts in a slightly bizarre exchange and the fact 4,000 fans have given it a thumbs down suggests they were disappointed like us.

Manchester United

Video: Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal (11/12) | Premier League Classics

View count: 6.3 million

Technically speaking, United’s most viewed video is them announcing their YouTube channel – insert joke here – but we’re bypassing that for highlights of a legendary Premier League encounter.

It doesn’t require a social media analyst to work out why so many United fans have decided to reminisce on the time they absolutely pulverised the Gunners with a goal every 11 minutes. 


Newcastle United

Video: Newcastle United 1-0 Manchester United: Brief Highlights

View count: 677,000

Pretty simple, this one. Newcastle love a victory over the Red Devils and you can’t blame them for wanting to relive the moment Matty Longstaff set St. James’ Park on fire with his debut winner.

Norwich City

Video: HIGHLIGHTS | Norwich City 3-2 Manchester City | The Canaries Stun The Champions

View count: 2.5 million

This a pretty impressive view count for a club of Norwich’s size, although we suspect more Liverpool and United fans tuned in to poke fun at their rivals than Canary supporters did to bask in their glory.

Sheffield United

Video: Sheffield United Vs Chelsea | HIGHLIGHTS | Blades net late equaliser

View count: 529,000

Yeh, there’s a bit of a trend occurring with some of the smaller sides, namely that whatever their most dramatic Premier League highlights video is gets more views than the rest of the crop.

That being said, we’re a little surprised that the 3-3 draw with United or 1-0 win over Arsenal haven’t topped this video, even if it’s had more time to stew in the views than those two results.


Video: HIGHLIGHTS: Liverpool 4-0 Southampton | Premier League

View count: 1 million

Liverpool have been so fantastic this season that highlights of them running riot have surpassed one million views all over the show and that includes Southampton’s channel, apparently.

Tottenham Hotspur

Video: NO RULES FIFA 20 | Heung-min Son & Serge Aurier v Paulo Gazzaniga & Ryan Sessegnon

View count: 5.5 million

This one is pretty random. All the best viewed videos on Spurs’ channel seem to be FIFA related, which is either telling about their football in real life or credit to their team of content creators.

Either way, it’s pretty entertaining to see a 2v2 battle where wiping out players and loitering miles offside is completely acceptable. That, and FIFA videos have always smashed it on YouTube. 



View count: 1.5 million

Oh baby. You can just picture Watford fans, and probably a fair share of Gooners, rushing to this video to recall the moment Liverpool’s unbeaten run imploded on the precipice of history.

Not only was it a great moment for those who’d waited over a year to criticise Liverpool, but it was also an exhilarating performance from Watford that is more than worthy of a click or two.

West Ham United


View count: 937,000

There’s been little to cheer about at the London Stadium recently, which is probably why a video with one of their more famous ex-players – married to plenty of click incentive – has trumped all their highlights.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Video: WOLVES REACT TO THEIR FIFA 20 RATINGS | Traore, Coady, Doherty & Ruddy guess their stats! 😂

View count: 6.2 million

You can expect their thrilling comeback against City to overtake this eventually – it’s clocked 4.9 million views in two months – but FIFA 20 has once again down the business on YouTube.

There’s just something about footballers looking at their Ultimate Team cards in sheer disbelief that just gets people clicking regardless of the team, players or edition of the game.

A wide range of results

Fascinating stuff, to say the very least.

This season has given clubs the ability to post Premier League highlights, so many of those round-up videos have made their way on to the list, even if it doesn’t necessarily favour who uploaded it.

You’ve got to feel sorry for clubs like Southampton, Bournemouth and most especially Everton when their most successful videos are them being absolutely pummelled by Liverpool.

But there is hope for the smaller sides when you see Norwich and Newcastle getting a boost in their views for toppling the giants of Manchester United and Manchester City. 

Speaking of which, despite the bigger clubs having more dramatic moments to call upon, many of their top performing videos are actually viral clips as opposed to brilliance on the pitch.

Either way, though, it gives fascinating insight on what the general public is most interested in about your clubs and clearly Mourinho being spooked somehow tops Champions League victories.

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