Former MP Edwina Currie mistook old WWE footage for a 'supermarket fight'

  • Kobe Tong

Supermarkets around the United Kingdom are being stripped and gutted for essential goods.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, panic buying has swept across the country with items such as toilet roll, pasta and other household regulars flying off the shelves in bulk.

It’s terrible to imagine that vulnerable people, as well as the hard-working people of the NHS, could go without some of the items they need in this time of crisis.

A similar attitude has been identifiable in the USA, whereas many nations across Europe are being far more frugal in the face of crisis with supermarkets looking as normal as they would otherwise be.

But while people in the UK are going completely overboard with their hoarding and crowding around supermarket entrances, at least punches aren’t being thrown or mass brawls unfolding.

Scrapping in ASDA???

Well, former Member of Parliament Edwina Currie got a little confused about that fact on Monday, inexplicably mistaking a clip from WWE for a scrap between two men in ASDA.

Even in the toughest of times, it’s pretty difficult to image two blokes going hell for leather in the fruit and vegetable section, literally slamming each other into the produce and ruining isles.

All, by the way, while a member of the public perfectly ducks and dives to record the action, going full David Attenborough as if he can literally sniff out the millions of social media views.

Edwina Currie’s Twitter gaffe

It’s difficult to imagine because it simply didn’t happen, rather Twitter user @ChrisTheLewis used the very footage we’ve described, which is from WWE, to drop an amusing viral post.

He captioned like so: “Disgusting scenes in ASDA Havant today when it should have been a time for the elderly and nhs staff, please retweet to name and shame Pouting facePouting facePouting face.”

And while we’d hardly expect Currie to know it was Booker T and Stone Cold Steve Austin grappling in a promo 2001’s Wrestlemania, you’d think she’d figure out it wasn’t a Monday morning at ASDA.

Yeh, nah. The politician amusingly replied: “You sure this isn’t staged? Nobody else around, no security staff, and whoever is filming is managing to get all the angles.”

Technically speaking, she’s bang on the money with her turn as Sherlock Holmes, it’s just amused people that there was such doubt and trepidation in her post and mind.

Supermarket hoarding

But let there be one lesson from this all: no matter how infuriating and stressful this desperate crises grows, it won’t help anything to squirt ketchup on your fellow shoppers and slam them into the garlic stand.

Actually, no, scratch that, let’s be introspective about the fact a learned individual like Currie – give or take her lack of WWE knowledge – genuinely thought the footage was true. 

Let’s all come together as a country and global population to act as intelligently and respectfully as possible in the wake of the crisis, down to every last loo roll and pasta shell. Stay safe.

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