GMS Exclusive: uNDERRATED, the UK's upcoming basketball broadcasting brand

Founded in 2019, uNDERRATED is a sports lifestyle and media broadcasting brand dedicated to documenting the British basketball culture at all levels.

uNDERRATED want to change the way the UK and the world perceive British Basketball and push the culture forward with the creative digitalised media and filming services they provide to athletes and clubs.

The brand quickly established its position as one of the most followed in the British market, separating itself from the competition through consistent high-quality highlights and a more edgy editing style not seen before. Furthermore, the lifestyle section of uNDERRATED focuses on stretching the core fabric of basketball by bringing the players, and their personalities, to the forefront in an attempt to bridge the disconnect between professional sports stars and their fans.

Kareem Lee, the founder of uNDERRATED, told GMS that he pictures the brand expanding internationally:

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could cover and represent British players abroad in other territories and the high calibre teams they play for as we are doing here in the UK?

I hope our advancement in what we do extends us to ultimately developing into and sporting network to the point where we have a heavy impact on how British Basketball is marketed especially from the junior level who aim to further advance and represent their country in the U.S.” 

Marking one year since their inception, uNDERRATED already appears to have a working and highly successful formula, with a steady portfolio of well-known basketball athletes both young and pro. Their Instagram page is topping 1,100 followers and has an inbox full of requests to be featured, but the brand now has its sights set on some well sought after tournaments once the British basketball season is back in action.

With a catalogue of entries on their social media and website, the team is dedicated to delivering a concentrated entertainment package for everyone involved. Their promotion of women in the sport with #allgirls is also exceptional as they attempt to change the narrative, put the spotlight on female talent alone, and push the boundaries to inspire.     

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The uNDERRATED platform is truly revolutionising the British basketball scene, uniting all backgrounds on a national level and documenting them to a high standard. The movement is a great look visually for British basketball, encouraging active interaction in a sport that could really benefit from this refreshing approach and giving kids something to aim towards. 

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