Women's Sport: Sportswomen on the coronavirus frontline

It’s well known that many women’s sports stars juggle their training with full-time jobs and now many of them are working on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic.

At these unprecedented times, we owe all NHS workers a huge debt of gratitude, and while the best thing we can do to help is to stay inside at home (or volunteer if you are fit and healthy) we wanted to show our thanks by rounding up some of the sportswomen working in the NHS.

England Women’s Lacrosse Team

March 15 seems like a whole world away, so different are our lives now, but that is when the England Women’s Lacrosse Team posted a shoutout to their players who work for the NHS.

On their Instagram they wrote: “🌟LEGENDS ALERT🌟as we face a difficult time all across the world, with the spread of COVID-19, we wanted to take a moment to recognise the AMAZING Team England players who double up as doctors / medical students, ALL working for our NHS at this time of need 🙏🏼

“They are literally putting their welfare on the line every day to do everything they can for so many people and we are so so grateful and proud of them 💖.”

Players Bex Jordache and Katie Lehovsky are both now working on wards dedicated to Covid-19 and Zoe Thursz and Charlie Wilson are both medical students on placement with the NHS at the moment.

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Scotland Women’s Lacrosse Team 

The England team kicked off a trend amongst Lacrosse teams and it turns out that there are many NHS heroes in the Home Nations teams. At the time of writing, Scotland has posted about four of their team members who are currently working for the NHS.

Their captain, Hannah Grant, has been a qualified doctor for six years as has player, Pippa McCosh. Their teammate Emma Wauchope, who has played for Scotland for nine years is in her first year as a fully qualified doctor. The team captain, Jenni Alton works for the NHS too as a physio.

It isn’t just the Scottish players who are on the NHS frontline. Their B-team coach, Jen Allison has been doubling as a doctor since 2011 and involved in the Scotland Lacrosse programme for even longer – since 2002!

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Wales Women’s Lacrosse Team

Wales also have NHS heroes in their ranks and have shared pictures of their players holding signs calling for everyone to stay at home for them.

Their athletic midfielder Maeve McKenny has been working over the weekend to ensure everyone gets their medicine. Phoebe Smith and Katie Foster work as NHS hospital physiotherapists helping make sure that the unwell can return home safely.

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Samantha Morris

Thanks to Since71 for bringing Samantha Morris to our attention. The Cheltenham Town FC player also works as a paramedic for South Western Ambulance – a job that is essential all the time.

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Rachael Lynch

The Australian hockey goalkeeper and Olympian, Rachael Lynch is a registered nurse and tweeted about swapping her hockey gear for her nursing uniform to help with the pandemic. She also called for her followers to stay at home.

Vicky Wright

We’ve already reported on how Vicky Wright has put her curling career on pause to return to her work as a general surgical ward nurse but given the life-saving work that she will be doing we decided it was worth another shout out. 

Women’s Rugby Players

Similarly, you can read all about the amazing work that rugby players, Claire McLaughlin, Gaelle Hermet, Agathe Sochat and Camille Boudaud have been doing to help save lives in hospitals in Ireland and France.

To all our healthcare workers at this time, sportswomen or otherwise, thank you. We appreciate you all.

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