Adults are realising how unfit they are due to Joe Wicks' morning PE sessions

Fitness instructor Joe Wicks, 33, launched his first free virtual PE class on Monday to ensure that children, and adults for that matter, keep staying active during lockdown.

This announcement followed the decision by the Government to close all non-essential workplaces, schools, colleges and nurseries in England, Scotland and Wales.

More than 790,000 households from across the world tuned in to Wicks’ 9am YouTube live session, which was aimed at everyone from toddlers to secondary school students, and even some parents and adults.

Wicks announced the launch of the live sessions last week on Twitter by using the #’PEwithJoe’ hashtag.

He said: “Starting Monday, every single day from Monday to Friday I’m going to do a live workout called PE with Joe on my YouTube Channel, TheBodyCoachTV.”

Wicks continued: “The sessions will help get children moving and feeling more energised, positive and optimistic during this uncertain time.

“This is happening I am going to be the nations PE Teacher.”

The fitness instructor has already been getting widespread praise from parents on social media, with one saying: “Loads of respect to Joe Wicks. Single handily saving the nation from hyperactive kids.”

While it also highlighted to other parents how unfit they are, as someone tweeted: “Just did the #JoeWicks 30 min workout. Kids laughing at how unfit I am. Going to do it everyday and when football starts join a team. Feel knackered but happy.”

What’s more, the added benefit of these exercises is that you do not need much space to do them, and more importantly, starts easing both kids and adults into a regular routine.

These sessions take place every day between Monday-Friday at 9am on the BodyCoachTV channel on YouTube.

We will see you all there!

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