The esport games you should be watching based on your favourite sports

  • Tom Kelly

Two days after Boris Johnson's decision to essentially lock down the nation, sports fans across the country have found themselves twiddling their thumbs and questioning what to do.

However, the coronavirus has provided an opportunity for the Esports community to thrive during a general absent period of sport. 

We've seen the likes of Formula One hosting Esports races and League Two football club Leyton Orient creating an FA Cup-styled FIFA competition which has pitted teams against each other from all corners of the world.

ESPN, however, has provided a list of which Esports games sporting fans should be following due to their key similarities. 

The American news outlet has suggested that the NFL lovers amongst us should be turning their attention to 'League of Legends'. Much like American Football, this game is based upon gaining the territory of your opponent and is clearly very popular amongst the gaming community. 

During the 2019 'League of Legends' championship final between China's FunPlus Phoenix and Europe's G2 Esports, the online battle attracted an audience of 100 million. Furthermore, within this game, there is a large emphasis placed on coaching, chemistry and facilitating a key player, so the quarterback, if you will.  

One obvious difference between the NFL and the NBA is the pace of the game. Generally, American Football is more of a stop-start nature, while basketball has more natural fluidity to it. Therefore, if you're craving some end-to-end action, then 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' is the game for you. 

'Counter-Strike' pits two teams of five in an attack versus defence situation where one side aims to detonate a bomb, while another does all they can to protect it. There are 30 rounds and the first team to 16 victories are crowned the winners. Although this seems relatively straight-forward, as you begin to immerse yourself further into the game, you realise there are plenty of tactics which can enhance your ability in the game. 

Next, soccer, sorry, we mean football. Quite obvious this one, but the Esport equivalent of football is 'Rocket League'. You know, the one with the massive ball where you try and shoot into a rectangular goal. If you've never played this game, 'Rocket League' is essentially just football but with small cars that have the ability to fly and accelerate at insane speeds - so just the usual stuff really. 


Nevertheless, especially on Twitch, the game has become incredibly popular within the gaming community, as streams have attracted as many as 100,000 viewers. 

For ice hockey fans, 'Overwatch' is your fix. Funnily enough, the head designer of 'Overwatch' is a huge fan of the sport, which may have rubbed off on the game that he produced. The game is known for its edge of the seat action and has an element of regional loyalty, as each Esports team represents a particular city in the US. So, if you're a dedicated New York Rangers fan, why not show some support to the New York Excelsiors over the coming months?

Lastly, baseball is a sport which has been ever-present throughout time and, to be honest, you get a similar feeling with 'Dota 2'. Similarly, both sports have now emerged into a commercial titan which attracts sums of money that can support a small country. We all know, contract wise, how well baseball players are paid, but 'Dota' gamers earn a decent living too. In the recent world championship tournament, the winning prize pool was $34m - yes, you read that right. 

So, with real-life sports now on the backburner, why not give your sporting counterpart some of your attention? Let's be honest, you don't really have anything else to do. 

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