Company offering chances to become professional gaming teacher during coronavirus lockdown

  • Will Day

With professional gaming (esports) really becoming a massive thing all over the globe, have you ever thought about making money from it?

Maybe you aren’t good enough to go toe-to-toe with the pros, but you’re better than most of the competition?

Well maybe you could become a gaming teacher and influence the next generation of pros.

Yes, we know, this sounds too good to be true, but this is a real opportunity for anyone and everyone. Fortnite, Call of Duty and FIFA are all currently games that are being coached.

Also, let’s be honest, who wants to be constantly destroyed at FIFA? Ask anyone who has ever played FIFA Ultimate Team and they would all agree that it might just be the most frustrating thing in the world to lose a must-win game in division rivals or FUT Champions.

If this description describes you, then you might be interested in hiring a coach to help you improve.

The name of the website that is offering people roles in coaching, and coaching advice for people who are wanting to get better, is Bidvine. 

All you’ve got to do is head over to Bidvine’s website and search for ‘coaches’ for a particular game.

Once you’ve decided which game you’d like to get better at, just put your postcode in and you’ll receive quotes from the various professional gaming teachers that are offering their services. 

Simply pick whoever you want and start improving your game.

If you’re someone wanting to become a coach, don’t be fooled by the title of the job and think it is a joke or is just a bit of pocket cash, as these coaches are, at the moment, charging up to £30 an hour. 

Just let that sink in for a second, or two, and let’s analyse the figures. The normal, cliche hours a day most people work is eight (9am-5pm). As a professional gaming coach earning £30 an hour, working eight hours a day, that would rake in around £240 a day.

From the comfort of your own home, playing games you love, as an amateur, that is more than enough for most, considering most play for nothing all day, every day anyway. 

Despite all this sounding perfect and a walk in the park, Bidvine do not just let you stroll into a place as a gaming coach.

For those looking to sell their skills as a gaming guru, there’s also a provider page that you can head over to and sign up on.

From then on, it’s a waiting game. You have to be chosen by Bidvine to become one of their professionals. If you are chosen, you can name your hourly price and if people are willing to pay it, you’re quids in.

In a press release, the co-founder of Bidvine Russ Morgan said: “There will be many people out there looking for ways to earn some extra income during self-isolation, so we wanted to highlight one of our most popular services to ensure that those who are passionate about gaming are aware they can charge to teach others how to be the best using their skills. There is demand for this.”

Morgan also went on to say: “It’ll also be a time where many will have more free time than they know what to do with, so it could well be the perfect opportunity to climb the ranks in one or two of the most popular game franchises. There is a lot of money to be made in eSports which has risen in popularity exponentially in recent years; coaching could well lead to breakthrough stars in the sport.”

Come on ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to lace your boots up, get your headsets on and get gaming.

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