AEW news: Chris Jericho cutting a promo on Vanguard 1 was the real highlight of Dynamite

Last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite – which featured debuts from Brodie Lee and Matt Hardy – was always going to be tough to follow.

But Chris Jericho may have topped it last night by cutting a brilliant promo on Vanguard 1, Hardy’s trusty drone. 

The leader of the Inner Circle was standing alone in the ring when Vanguard flew over and the results were hilarious. 

“The ominous humming. Alright. First name ‘Van’, last name ‘Guard’. Second last name ‘one’,” Jericho began. 

“I’m glad you showed up Guard because I’ve got a couple of things I want to tell you. First of all, I don’t like you. 

“I’ve never liked you. I don’t like what you stand for. I don’t like your beliefs. I think you’re arrogant, I don’t appreciate your political views on social media.

You’re a piece of s*** Vanguard.

At this point, the AEW commentators jump in, saying: “He’s cutting a promo on a drone. I think Chris has lost it.” 

It’s a fair point. But the segment gets even better when Le Champion asks Vanguard 1 to join the Inner Circle. 

“You’re a piece of trash and even though I don’t like you, I respect you. That’s why I’m asking you to join the Inner Circle. 

“Think about it Vanguard. All the power will lie in the propellers. Think of all the money you’ll make.”

Jericho then tries to convince the drone to join by offering it ‘bubbly, Instagram drone models and the finest mechanical cigars’. 

It doesn’t work though, as Vanguard flies off the other way, leaving Le Champion alone in the centre of the ring, calling it a ‘son of a b****’. 

Absolutely brilliant. Check out the full promo below: 

That’s exactly the kind of comic relief that we all needed on this week’s episode of Dynamite. Thank you, Chris Jericho. 

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