The 10 worst footballers' mistakes that cost their team a trophy

  • Kat Lucas

Every footballer dreams of becoming a cup final hero. Nobody envisages becoming a villain.

But that’s the reality for a handful of players who may never live their most crucial mistakes down.

Loris Karius’ career has never fully recovered from the 2018 Champions League final.

The Liverpool goalkeeper’s errors cost his side big time against Real Madrid and he hasn’t played a competitive game for the Reds since, being shipped out to Besiktas on loan.

No, the history books will not be kind to the stopper – but if it’s any consolation, he’s not alone in ruining his team’s chances of lifting a trophy.

Some have fallen on their a***s quite literally – John Terry, Steven Gerrard, we’re looking at you. Others, just metaphorically.

And that’s where YouTube’s Vanemas comes in, providing a full 10-minute montage entitled ‘Football mistakes that RUINED a trophy’.

Even at this time of international crisis, when we’re all supposed to be coming together and supporting one another, surely it can’t hurt to engage in a little Schadenfreude.

The full video can be seen below:

We’ve picked out some of the highlights.

Oliver Kahn vs Brazil

The normally dependable Oliver Kahn’s reputation has, fortunately, recovered. However, the legendary German will probably still has nightmares about the 2002 World Cup final, when the very sight of Ronaldo seemed to make him lose all control of his hands.

Laurent Koscielny vs Birmingham

Koscielny’s time at Arsenal came to a bitter end last year and for that reason, we hope their fans won’t mind recalling that he was never faultless even at his peak. Were it not for the Frenchman’s scramble with Petr Cech, that iconic Birmingham City League Cup win would never have happened.

John Terry vs Manchester United

It was a cruel twist of fate that none other than ‘Mr Chelsea‘ slipped up during the 2008 Champions League final shootout against Manchester United. 

Steven Gerrard vs Chelsea

Likewise, a moment that is still sung about to this day and probably will be even after Liverpool have won their first Premier League title. Gerrard admitted recently that he thinks about falling over and allowing Demba Ba through on goal every single day, even now he’s managing Rangers.

Loris Karius vs Real Madrid

Luckily for the likes of Gerrard and Terry, while their errors aren’t exactly forgotten, nor do they define their brilliant careers. Sadly, the same is not true of Karius. European football will forever synonymise his name with a horrorshow in Kiev.

Arjen Robben vs Chelsea

Robben had a particularly bitter pill to swallow with his missed penalty in the Champions League final. Not only was it in Bayern Munich’s own stadium, it was against his old employers, Chelsea. Robben also features in the video for his miss (a pretty good save from Iker Casillas, to be fair) in the World Cup final.

Antoine Griezmann vs Real Madrid

Juanfran escapes blame for the missed penalty in the shootout because it would never have got that far had Antoine Griezmann scored from the spot in the 46th minute. Keylor Navas’ mind games had worked a treat.

That’s what makes the beautiful game so special isn’t it? The agony and the ecstasy.

If you’re a rival fan, you can revel in some of that agony – and if you support one of the teams in question, these decisive moments will no doubt have already scarred you for life.

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