Ricky Hatton leaves Adult Chat TV on in background of isolation video message

Boxing at York Hall

Ricky Hatton gave his fans some positive encouragement by posting a self-isolation video of him on Twitter.

Hatton however appeared to unintentionally leave his TV on showing an adult TV channel in the background of the film.

The former British boxer’s video started out much like any other related to isolation by explaining that he had been in self-isolation for seven days.

Hatton filmed the video in his Manchester home and started off by filling the camera frame with his face before moving it so that it caught sight of the TV, which displayed a black haired woman in lingerie on the screen.

Subsequently, Hatton advised:

“Keep yourself busy, you know, find things to fill your time with. Keep knuckling down and it will all come good. All the best everyone.”

The question on every viewer’s mind following the film’s conclusion was did he forget to turn the TV off or was it intentionally left on?

Well, his follow up tweet to the video suggests it was the latter as the caption said:

“Keep smiling, keep positive and keep safe.”

Either way followers of the former world light-welterweight and welterweight champion were left smiling.

One Twitter follower said:

“Midday babe station haha reckless Ricky.”

While another commented:

“Always rely on Ricky give us a laugh so simple but funny.”

One thing is certainly clear; Ricky’s video definitely gave some much-needed light-hearted relief in these troubling times.

Hopefully, the boxing superstar will have a few more amusing videos in store over the coming days.

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