WWE news: AEW's Jon Moxley makes surprise appearance on WWE Backstage behind his wife Renee Young

It has almost been a whole year since Dean Ambrose left WWE for good to seek pastures new, and the results have been successful.

After turning down multiple new deals, the former Shield member decided to go rogue and find a new challenge outside of the company.

Not long after, he signed with upstart promotion All Elite Wrestling, and backed by the millions of Tony Khan, AEW has become a very popular entity already.

Flanked by the likes of Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, PAC and now Matt Hardy and Brodie Lee, some of the most talented performers will be working with Moxley, who won the AEW World Championship last month.

Because of his defection, WWE have done the most to try and make their fans forget that Moxley ever performed for their company, and in December they even edited out the Dean Ambrose name from The Shield’s Survivor Series 2012 debut.

Petty indeed from Vince McMahon, however Moxley did appear on podcasts and slate the company’s creative process to its very core, however did that really merit trying to eliminate his existence?

Besides the point, many thought it would be a long, long while before we saw Moxley/Ambrose on WWE programming ever again, let alone mentioned.

But when it was announced that WWE Backstage on FOX would be going live from the homes of the presenters last night, many were hoping for Moxley to crash the party as his wife Renee Young is the lead of the show.

And true to form, he did just that!

Mox made an appearance to catch the family dog, who was apparently running riot in the background, and Renee looked pretty flustered when he got his face on camera.

We can only imagine that Vince McMahon won’t be too pleased about his competition’s world champion showing his face on one of his programmes.

Let’s hope Renee isn’t punished for this happening and that the boss sees the funny side of it!

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