Gamer discovers trick to help during Gulag 1v1s on Call of Duty: Warzone

If you’ve played ‘Warzone’, you’re probably aware of the unique respawn system where instead of dying, you’re captured and taken to the Gulag.

In this segment of the map, you’re thrown into a 1v1 duel with another player, and the winner gets to rejoin the main battle.

This ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ game mode is a refreshing part of the game, and it is free. If you aren’t good at ‘Call of Duty’, you will find ‘Warzone’ an entertaining mode that benefits all sorts of ‘CoD’ players. The 150-player mayhem gives the player more of a chance to survive and come out on top.

Gaming with your mates every night right now is a great method of staying in touch during this coronavirus pandemic. Today, it seems that this ‘Warzone’ mode has revitalised the ‘CoD’ franchise for the better.

If you are unfortunate enough to get killed in the game, the Gulag 1v1 is the perfect opportunity to respawn back in. If you’ve played ‘Warzone’, you will be aware of this unique respawn system. The only issue is, if you work well in a team and not alone, the odds of a return to the main battle aren’t great.

However, players have discovered a strategy that can give the player a vital edge in the Gulag.

From being captured and thrown into your 1v1, you’ll be forced to wait in the prison for a period of time. This is where you are queuing up for the inevitable duel with another player, so the time you’re there depends on how many 1v1s are before your turn. Additionally, you’re never waiting for much more than a minute or two.

During this time, players are free to run around and interact with other opponents who have also been captured. You can either witness the current 1v1 or punch the other waiting players – which has no effect on their health.

Instead, you could be spending this time in a more productive way.

Players can spray their foes with paint prior to their 1v1, covering them in bright colours that make them a lot easier to spot during the match. This doesn’t immediately win you the game, but the rapid-fire nature of these Gulag 1v1s mean that you should take note of this strategy and use it to your advantage.

Granted, you don’t know who your opponent will be in the Gulag until the match starts. The best option is to spray paint as many of your fellow captives as you can until your turn in the Gulag begins.

Also, you are able to customise your spray paint with bright and easy-to-see colour – the best option to give you that advantage.

To do this, head over to the “Barracks” tab in between matches. From there, go into “Identify”, “Gestures & Sprays”, and finally the “Sprays” tab. Choose your preferred colour and then spray away.

Even if you decide not to use this strategy, if you see someone spraying you with yellow paint, you’ll know to take extra care if they draw you in the Gulag.

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