GMS' Hall of Game: Remembering the iconic and groundbreaking FIFA Street


The month is February, the year 2005. EA are about to drop one of their biggest experiments ever and they have absolutely no idea just how big of a gamechanger it is going to be.

FIFA Street was released on the iconic Playstation 2 and immediately began to rack up a massive following.

The game was unlike any football game that had gone before, giving gamers a chance to really express themselves and go wild outside of the regular FIFA series.

EA had made 'Street' games for other sports prior to FIFA, but taking football into the dingy underground world of freestyle football that they created for us was an absolute masterstroke.

The 4 v 4 format, played on enclosed pitches, made for breakneck speeds that saw the game shift from one end to the other in the blinking of an eye.

The opportunity to play as some of the world's greatest players, while they wore cargo shorts and sneakers, went down a treat with the football-loving community and soon FIFA Street was being played all over the globe.

Who didn't love being able to pull off a sublime rainbow flick with Ronaldinho before smacking a physics-defying volley past the likes of Fabian Barthez or Gianluigi Buffon?

It was the skill combo feature that really got players excited, though. They were able to perform all manner of tricks and flicks that simply would not be possible in real life or on any other football game that had come before.

Being able to use the wall as a 'fifth player' also opened up a plethora of options for them to find creative ways to out-skill their opponents. On top of that, the lack of a referee saw the slide tackle turned from an art to a perfectly legal brutality.

It was a fantastic game to sit down and play with friends as you were allowed to either choose between a timed game, or one that would end when one team reached a certain number of goals.

Then, to top it all off, there was the iconic 'Rule the Street' career mode.

You would begin by creating a player of your own, who, let's face it, was pretty useless to start off with.

However, as time went on you would earn 'Skill Bills' - the currency of the game - which you could then use to upgrade your players' attributes such as shot power, speed, accuracy, trick and tackling.

Eventually, you would have an unstoppable phenom on your hands that you could then use to school your mates and anyone brave enough to take you on.

In truth, FIFA Street was ahead of its time and the fact it resulted in several spin-off games is no surprise.

The original game still has a cult following even to this day and, in these difficult times, you might find some folks dusting off the old PS2 and once again taking to the famous graffiti-clad pitches that became like a second home to us in 2005.

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