Football Manager: Man let off flare in his bedroom after winning the league title

It feels like it’s been months since footballing action across the world was brought to a halt by the coronavirus pandemic.

In reality, it’s barely been two weeks since Atletico Madrid’s famous victory against Liverpool at Anfield, but without sport to look forward to the time really doesn’t fly by.

One of the only options to fill the gaping sport void in all of our lives is to play video games.

The World Health Organisation have even advised the billions across the world on lockdown or self-isolating to roll out their consoles or PCs and get gaming.

In terms of football, there are two main options to quash the time – FIFA or Football Manager. The latter is one that can keep you entertained for hours on end without sparking serious rage.

With no live football to feast on, it’s up to all of us to make Football Manager feel like reality and one player has taken that concept to new extremes.

Twitter user Jamie Towers posted on his official account images of him letting off a flare in his room after winning a league title on the game.

Towers wrote alongside the pictures: “Day 14 without football: Just won the league on football manager.”

Absolutely superb. If any Football Manager celebration seen during the UK’s lockdown period tops that, we’ll be very surprised.

Just less than six hours before his celebratory post, Towers posted on Twitter that he was not confident of ever winning the league on the game.

He wrote: “Football manager download, time to bring out my inner Steven Gerrard and never win a league.”

No wonder the flares were lit!

But a word of warning to all you gamers out there, if you are planning on celebrating a Football Manager of FIFA achievement with some flares, make sure you don’t burn the house down…

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