Boxing fans answer whether they'd take a punch from Mike Tyson for £50,000

  • Alex Batt
Mike Tyson v Kevin McBride

Would you take a punch from Mike Tyson for £50,000?

Surely a debate you've had before with your friends when you're at the pub and discussing all things sport.

Sadly due to the coronavirus pandemic, going to the pub and chatting about sports with your mates is something you can't do right now, but fear not, we posted the exact same question to our Facebook followers and we now have a definitive conclusion for you.

With over 26,000,000 likes on Facebook, here at GiveMeSport we've got a wide range of sporting fans from all over the glove, and we posed to them the very simple question 'Would you take a punch to the face from Mike Tyson for £50,000?'

Fans in their droves responded to the poll, with some just voting to see the results, and others diving into the comments section to leave their opinions on whether it would be worth it or not.

Of course, £50,000 is a lot of money, life changing for some, so we can understand why you'd jump at the chance to earn a quick £50k.

However, and it truly is a massive however, what state would you be left in after receiving the hammer blow from Iron Mike, who was once nicknamed 'The Baddest Man on the Planet.'

This guy has knocked out professional boxers in the past, so undoubtedly he could do serious damage to us mere mortals.


If you took on the challenge, and got the £50k for the punch, you may end up spending all of that on the hospital bills, or facial reconstruction. 

Having said that, we have the answer, and a maybe surprising 63% of you said you WOULD take the punch in the face.

However, the comment section really is something to behold.

"Considering there’s a very high chance of severe brain damage/death I’m gonna have to still say yes, I want that money."

"Lol of course not , I l'm not a fool, because if you get hit , you will spend it on your surgery."

(FILES) A file picture taken 22 November

"I would take it for free. Even though I know that would induce traumatic, significant and irreparable brain damage, it would be an honor to take it from Mike."

Not sure on that one to be honest.

"I wouldn’t for a million as it would only be spent on medical costs!"

So there you have it, most people would say yes to a punch in the face from Mike Tyson for £50,000.

Who knew?

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