WWE news: Roman Reigns may have removed himself from WrestleMania taping after hearing The Miz was sick


Roman Reigns may have removed himself from WWE’s WrestleMania tapings earlier this week after hearing The Miz was sick, according to reports.

Roman Reigns was, and still is as of writing, scheduled to face Goldberg for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 36. The show was taped at the Performance Center earlier this week.

However, The Big Dog has reportedly pulled out of this year’s Showcase of Immortals over concerns about the coronavirus pandemic due to his immune system being compromised after dealing with leukaemia.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, via Wrestling News, has reported Reigns was actually at the Performance Center this week for the WrestleMania tapings, but he pulled out of the event after discovering The Miz was sick.

Meltzer noted that The Usos were upset when they found out that The Miz was ill. This bit of news got back to Reigns and that is when he made the decision to pull out of the tapings.

Meltzer said: “Roman Reigns made the call himself. It was interesting because he was there and made the call. It had to do in some form with Miz being sick and The Usos not being happy about it. I don’t really know much else, that’s really all I was told.

“It’s a weird story because if you followed it, basic logic is that he should have stayed home. Everyone’s got a risk but his risk was high, his reward was high too but his risk was real high. For a guy who already has enough money to live the rest of his life and take care of his kids…it was his decision but that decision shouldn’t have been put on him.

“I don’t know who made the call but it was an obvious call that wasn’t made so I don’t know where in the WWE medical system it fell through but it fell through.”


The Miz has since been removed from his tag team triple threat ladder match alongside John Morrison against The New Day and The Usos. That match is now a ladder match between Morrison and one of The Usos.

As for Reigns, WWE is expected to address his decision to pull out of his WrestleMania match with Goldberg on SmackDown next week. WWE is also expected to reveal Braun Strowman as the new challenger for the Universal title at WrestleMania next Friday as well.

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