Every Premier League player ‘the streets will never forget’ captured in viral video

‘The streets will never forget’ is a phrase that can be used to refer to an incredibly high number of players over the course of recent Premier League history.

As we’re sure you know, it’s reserved especially for those players who were absolute monsters in their prime, before falling out of the limelight never to be seen again.

Think Hatem Ben Arfa, Papiss Cisse, Michu, Christian Benteke… the list goes on.

COVID-19 might have taken football away from us, but it can’t strip us of the thrill that we all experience when we reminisce about those enigmatic players in their glory days.

And luckily for us, a Twitter user called ‘D20048’ has taken the trouble to pick out some of their best highlights and edit them all into a brilliant video for our enjoyment.

The video has accumulated almost 20,000 likes at the time of writing, and features a beautiful array of Premier League players we’ll never forget – including tricks and goals of every kind.

And if you need any more persuasion to give it a look, it’s set to John Newman’s classic track ‘Love Me Again’, which will flood you with nostalgia immediately if you played FIFA 14.

Here’s the video:

Wow. So much talent on display. It’s 2 minutes and 20 seconds of pure joy at a time when we all need it.

Hatem Ben Arfa leaving rows of players dizzy on the turf, Adel Taarabt and Dmitri Payet skipping through defences like they’re training cones… it’s enough to give you goosebumps.

And that’s even without seeing the likes of Michu, Christian Benteke and Daniel Sturridge thumping in goals for fun against the big teams like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

There are a couple of questionable picks included in the video, including Riyad Mahrez and Philippe Coutinho, but given the nostalgia hit it’s given us, we can definitely let those slide.

Big respect to D20048 for using their creativity to help make sure that the streets definitely will never forget these Premier League legends, and to give us all a lift.

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