Anthony Yarde announces his father has passed away due to coronavirus

  • Alex Batt

British boxer Anthony Yarde has today announced that his father has passed away due to the coronavirus.

The 28-year-old took to his official Instagram story to announce the news that on Saturday, his father lost his battle with the vicious virus that is spreading throughout the world.

Yarde made it very apparent that his dad was fighting fit and had no underlying health issues, so it’s yet another clear message just how deadly this disease can be.

It also stamps home more that people MUST listen to the guidelines and must stay at home and stop the risk of spreading.

On his story, Yarde wrote: “I’m a very private person and tbf I’m still in shock, but maybe this can help people stay at home.

“My dad passed away from this virus yesterday and he was fit with no health issues. The more people go out and mingle the longer this isolation will last and the more it will spread.

“I’m not a doctor but I do know if you stay home you are less likely to catch it or pass it on. It’s seriously not worth the risk.”

We certainly echo those sentiments from Yarde, who is suffering a severe loss due to this tragic virus.

We are all in this situation together, and the sooner we all obey the rules and abide by what we’re told, the sooner we will be out of it.

As Yarde says, it’s seriously not worth the risk.

Our thoughts are with the Yarde family at this hard time.

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