Premier League milestone goals and the players who scored them

Since its formation in 1992, the Premier League has provided us with many, many memorable moments.

In a near 28 seasons, well over 28,000 goals have been scored in just under 11,000 matches. That’s entertainment.

During its time, the division has been treated to some of the best goal scorers in the history of the sport. The likes of Alan Shearer, Wayne Rooney, Andy Cole and Sergio Aguero – amongst many others – have done their fair share of scoring to contribute to the impressive tally.

But, for all their goals, none have managed to make it onto the list of the players who netted the milestone goals in Premier League history.

So, without further ado, who has?

1st – Brian Deane 1992

The first Premier League goal in history was scored by a Sheffield United player against the mighty Manchester United who went onto win the first title since it was re-branded from Division 1.

It took just four minutes and 30 seconds for him to head into the net from close range to write his name in the history books.

100th – Eric Cantona 1992

One of the most famous names in this list, Cantona got this milestone goal when he played for Leeds United. His volley attempt that sealed it also capped off his first league hattrick against Tottenham Hotspur in just the 46th minute.

It wouldn’t be his last…

1,000th – Mike Newell 1993

Blackburn Rovers’ Newell was the man to take the Premier League goals into four figures. He did so against Nottingham Forest. The attacker went onto win a Premier League title the following year.

In his Premier League tenure, he managed just 22 goals in 117 games… but one is all it takes to feature on this list.

5,000th – Andy Townsend… or Chris Sutton 1996

There is much debate as to who actually can claim to have scored the 5,000th goal in Premier League history. Both Townsend and Sutton have been credited with the title.

The two scored at exactly the same time: Townsend for Aston Villa in a 1-0 over Southampton, and Sutton for Blackburn in a 1-1 draw with Leicester City.

10,000th – Les Ferdinand 2001

The 10,000th goal came with the turn of the new millennium. It came for Spurs amidst a 4-0 over Fulham in December.

In just the 20th minute, Ferdinand broke the milestone with a classic poacher’s finish on the goalmouth. At the time of scoring the goal, only Shearer and Cole had scored more in the division.

15,000th – Moritz Volz

When you’re putting together a list of Premier League scorers, Fulham’s German defender perhaps isn’t the first name that might spring to mind. Nonetheless, he’s here after scoring the 15,000th Premier League goal.

It was some goal too. From the tightest of angles, the defender hit a half volley to the near post in a 2-2 draw with Chelsea. He only scored one other time in the league… talk about picking your moments.

20,000th – Marc Albrighton 2011

Another unlikely Premier League winner makes his way onto the list. And, another milestone goal scored in the claret and blue colours of Aston Villa.

The 20,000th goal came a fitting 20 years after Brian Deane netted the first. To celebrate the landmark, Albrighton donated £20,000 to charity in touch nicer than the one that led to the finish.

25,000th – Zlatan Ibrahimovic 2016

It was always going to be Zlatan. He spent just short of two years at Manchester United in the Premier League and still managed to ingrain his name of the division’s illustrious history.

He did so when Manchester United beat Swansea City 3-1 at the Liberty Stadium. When asked is he knew he was aware he had just scored goal number 25,000 in Premier League history, he replied: “I thought it was just me who had scored 25,000.” Never change Zlatan.

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