Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Ozil: Montage of the 'perfect duo' at Real Madrid

  • Kobe Tong

Mesut Ozil's three-year spell at Real Madrid doesn't get the credit it deserves.

After earning a move to the Bernabeu after a thrilling 2010 World Cup, the German midfielder elevated his game from that of an up and coming starlet to a bona fide world-class playmaker.

You only need to watch old footage of Ozil effortlessly galloping into the final third, providing stunning assists every other second, to see why the Spanish game suited him to a tee. 

It's not as though Ozil has been anything in the way of a failure at Arsenal, but you have to wonder whether his time at the very pinnacle of football would have lasted longer if he remained in Madrid.

Besides, it's reported that members of the Real squad weren't too happy when he was moved on in 2013 and that includes the biggest Madrista of them all.

Ronaldo reportedly angry at Ozil's exit

According to Spanish newspaper AS, Cristiano Ronaldo told his Portugal teammates at the time: “The sale of Ozil is very bad news for me.

“He was the player who best knew my moves in front of goal... I'm angry about Özil leaving.”

Whether or not those exact quotes are accurate, Ozil's performance in the famous white jersey were of such a dizzyingly highly quality that it makes logical sense.


Video of the 'perfect duo' in action

And while, yes, Ronaldo actually enjoyed some of his highest-scoring seasons in the post-Ozil era, there can be no denying that the German and Portuguese had a near-telepathic link.

So, in this epoch of no live sports, we couldn't resist looking back on the days when Ozil and Ronaldo were on a two-man mission to tear up La Liga under Jose Mourinho's gaze.

We just know plenty of football fans have been indulging in throwback videos on YouTube in this uncertain time and you should look no further than the work of video creator 'Nero7Official'.

His seven-minute montage of every assist that Ronaldo and Ozil every provided for each other hasn't racked up 3.6 million views for no season, so check out the full footage down below: 

Ozil and Ronaldo's superb chemistry

Perhaps Ozil did know Ronaldo's moves better than anyone, after all.

Ozil always seems to play the game in slow motion and that allowed him to take that extra second to spot Ronaldo's run, before inevitably weighting the crucial pass to absolute perfection.

Plus, it's interesting to see the favour being returned so many times with Ronaldo raising two fingers to claims he doesn't provide chances for his teammates by doing just that for Ozil. 

Real Madrid's Portuguese forward Cristia

A recent Twitter thread, citing Transfermarkt, even highlighted how Ronaldo has only ever provided more assists in his career for Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale than he has Ozil.

That's pretty impressive going for only three seasons together and it makes you wonder if Ronaldo's Real statistics could have been even more spectacular if Arsenal didn't come swooping in...

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