Sony reportedly want the PlayStation 5 to be 'as easy to use as Netflix'


In the recent times, the world has increasingly become used to the convenience of being able to consume content on demand.

With ever-accelerating internet speeds now offered by service providers, access to streaming videos on services such as Netflix has essentially become instant.

This does not appear to be lost on Sony, who have reportedly designed their upcoming PlayStation 5 hardware with loading speeds in mind.

Indeed, per, the technology giant has informed developers that they also want games designed in a way that makes them easier to consume.

Sony appear concerned that the overwhelming number of entertainment options available to players in the modern day has decreased their attention span - and has urged software creators to develop games that reflect this shift, according to Kotaku's news editor Jason Schreier.

"Sony has been designing the PS5 to appeal to gamers looking to play in shorter increments of time. They want people to feel more inclined to play in short bursts rather than only wanting to turn on the console when they have a few hours to spare.

"One of the pitches [Sony has] been making to developers is 'playing a PS5 game should be as easy as Netflix.' They want to make players feel like they can load up the game immediately and know exactly how much time a given activity is going to take them,"

Sony's stance is an understandable one. In order for the PS5 to be the commercial success that the company needs it to be, the console must appeal to the widest possible demographic.


By delivering a console with minimal loading times and easy-to-consume software, Sony is setting itself up to capture those who enjoy a more casual gaming experience. 

The news is not a negative by any means for more serious gamers, though, as they too will no doubt appreciate software which loads instantly.

Despite some fans expressing concern that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic may derail its launch, Sony remain insistent that they are still targeting a late 2020 release for their newest hardware.

Assuming that this remains the case, gaming enthusiasts do not have long to wait before they can finally get their hands on a PS5.

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