WWE news: Jim Ross doesn't want Chris Benoit in the Hall of Fame


Renowned former WWE commentator Jim Ross has recently suggested that former wrestler Chris Benoit does not belong in the Hall of Fame; not now, not ever.

Ross spoke on the hugely emotional and personal 'Dark Side of the Ring’ documentary, which focused on the passing of wrestling figures Eddie Guerrero and Benoit.

The documentary clearly highlights that Benoit suffered from mental health challenges and it was clear that he never got over the loss of his close friend Eddie.

Benoit’s story is one of the most difficult and complicated stories to discuss in professional wrestling, as he tragically killed his wife, son and then himself in June 2007.

When asked about Benoit being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Ross said: “Chris Benoit does not belong in the Hall of Fame now or ever, simply because the last 48 hours of his life is what everybody would want to focus on, they don’t want to talk about Brad Armstrong and Chris Benoit having a hell of a wrestling match at Clash of Champions.

“I don’t think he would like that, is his skillset good enough to go into the hall of fame? Oh my God, yes. Is it all about your skillset? No it’s not.

“He would be a distraction and unfair to the other talents being inducted and their families.”

The documentary also featured Benoit’s friend and fellow wrestler Chris Jericho, who, when asked about both his friends Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, said: “You had two guys that were the same, immaculate professionals, the nicest guys and they both died very young. One’s legacy is acclaim and one’s is buried so that you almost cannot say his name.

“If you think that when you die that his body of work would be erased from existence it would of broke his heart.”

The documentary itself is a difficult watch and is a tragic story that people have still to make sense of.

It is clear that those closest to the event, including Benoit’s other son David, are still coming to terms with this shocking incident 13 years on.

If you scroll to 33:40 in the below video, you can see JR talk about Benoit and whether he belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame.

The whole documentary is a must-watch for WWE fans, but be prepared for some very emotional and moving interviews as they delve into one of the darkest topics that surrounds World Wrestling Entertainment.

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