Mike Tyson has been crowned the eWBSS champion after points victory against Muhammed Ali


Mike Tyson is crowned the greatest electronic heavyweight boxer of all time after beating Muhammed Ali on points in an epic battle. 

Capitalising on the lack of live sport, the World Boxing Super Series live streamed a tournament between the biggest names in boxing, and it pitted together some truly unbelievable fights that we could only dream of watching right now.

The eSport tournament saw Mike Tyson brutally knock out George Foreman in the fourth round to win the semi-final, and shortly after he discovered who would be his opponent in the final.

Ali faced Sonny Liston in his semi, and he floored the big bear in the fifth round of the fight with a huge uppercut, setting up the dream final of Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson; a fight that, if it happened in real life, would have gone down in history.

Sadly, that fight was never going to happen in real life due to them both fighting in different eras, but thanks to the gaming world and Fight Night Champion, the two have stepped foot in the ring together, and they've gone to battle, and in the end it was 'Iron Mike' who got the job done on points.

Tyson’s victory was streamed by over 8,500 people on Facebook live from the Metro Manila Arena. 

Ali floored Tyson during the first round, but that seemed to focus him, as he knocked Ali down in the second and then again in the fifth with a trademark right hook. 

But, both times Ali got back to his feet and continued to trade blows with his opponent. 

The fight went the distance and the two legendary boxers continued to take lumps out of one and other until the final bell sounded. 

Tyson’s arm was lifted in to the air by the ref to name him the eWBSS champion on points, winning 114-111. 

Muhammed Ali looked gutted as Mike Tyson walked around the stage taking the applause for the victory from the crowd.

It might not be real sport, but it's the best we've got these days.

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