Women’s Sport: Wimbledon likely to be cancelled for the first time since WWII

The UK Adjusts To Life Under The Coronavirus Pandemic

According to one tennis official, this year’s Wimbledon championships will be postponed because of growing fears concerning the coronavirus.

German Tennis Federation president told Sky Sports Germany that “The necessary decisions have already been made. Wimbledon will decide to cancel this Wednesday. There is no doubt about it. This is necessary in the current situation.”

If these words are true this will be the first time the major competition has been cancelled since World War Two. With the current travel restrictions, Hordorff deems it “unthinkable” that a tournament of this scale will take place.

With the Tennis calendar already postponed until further notice and the year’s second grand slam- The French Open pushed back until September, it remains unclear whether Wimbledon will follow suit and be scheduled for the end of the season, or if Tennis’ main grass-court tournament will be cancelled entirely.

Whilst Wimbledon is still scheduled for the 29th June as it stands, The All England Club will meet on Wednesday to discuss possible options. 

It is also unclear at this stage what the players would think of a rescheduled Wimbledon. The French Open will already be played just one week after the culmination of the U.S Open and players may not be keen to play so much tennis in such a short time-frame.

The likes of Serena Williams however, will be keen for the tournament to go ahead as she bids to become the most decorated female tennis player in history and clinch her 24th Grand-Slam title.

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