Steven Gerrard's worst errors in big games compiled by Chelsea fan in Twitter thread

Steven Gerrard is without a doubt one of the finest players to ever play in the Premier League.

His ability to put Liverpool on his back and lead them to crucial wins was unparalleled, and he remained loyal to his beloved club throughout his career.

The knock, however, comes in the lack of a single Premier League title.

It’s the first thing that Gerrard’s critics bring up when ridiculing the former midfielder, despite everything else he achieved in the game.

The agonising end to the 2013/14 lead, in which Gerrard slipped against Chelsea and Liverpool handed the title to Manchester City, is something that he will have to live with for the rest of his career.

And while the current Rangers boss often produced when it mattered, such as against West Ham in the 2006 FA Cup final, a Chelsea fan has sought to dispel the idea that he was a big-game player on Twitter.

The Twitter thread, created by @ChelseaJF5, features several mistakes Gerrard made in big matches, such as his red card 38 seconds after coming on against Man United in 2015, awful backpasses that gifted goals to Thierry Henry and Didier Drogba and, of course, that slip.

Check it out below.

The Chelsea fan clearly has the mindset that Frank Lampard was a better player than Gerrard.

The ‘Lampard, Gerrard, Scholes’ debate is one that will rage on for an eternity but former Liverpool and Manchester United striker Michael Owen is convinced that Gerrard was the best player out of the trio.

Speaking on Jamie Carragher’s podcast, Owen said: “Frank Lampard, who can question his goalscoring and how he got every ounce out of his ability?

“But to me, Stevie’s on a different level than anything I’ve seen or played with and as you’ve said, I’m not blowing smoke up my a***, I’ve played with some great Man United players, Liverpool players, Real Madrid, England.

“Put it this way. If I’m saying tomorrow rewind the clock, you’re going into battle now, you’re playing in the Champions League final, who’s your first pick? I’d have Steven Gerrard as my first pick out of anyone.”

It’s true that Gerrard’s big game performances certainly outweigh the errors he made.

The 2006 FA Cup final. Istanbul 2005. Olympiacos in 2004. Gerrard has a catalogue of iconic displays.

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