Nintendo is planning a bunch of remasters for some Super Mario classics


It's being reported that Nintendo is planning a bunch of Super Mario remasters as part of the celebration of the original Super Mario Bros.' 35th anniversary.

According to VGC, as per LADBible, sources close to Nintendo have been spreading rumours that a number of classic Super Mario classics are on their way to being remastered for the much loved Nintendo Switch.

VGC reported that "multiple sources" had been in touch to explain that "most of" the extensive Super Mario catalogue will be remastered in 2020 for the Switch.

On top of all that, in case that wasn't enough Mario for you already, all-new games from the franchise are on their way, including a new addition to the Paper Mario series.

Together with the upcoming buffet of remastered Mario classics, news on the in-development Mario movie is being released in updates, and additional detail on the upcoming Super Nintendo World theme parks based in Japan and the USA.

Upon reaching out to Nintendo for comment on these rumours, VGC was told that the company "does not comment on rumour and speculation." 

Given that June's scheduled E3 has been cancelled, it's likely that we could see the first details of this remaster-fest in the summertime.

VGC editor in chief Andy Robinson has more recently confirmed that a number of titles will be making their way to the Switch, tweeting:

"I wasn't going to name any specific titles, but since Eurogamer has gone ahead I can also confirm Galaxy, 3D World and other 3D Marios are coming."

Andy has also since confirmed that Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64 are also being remastered for the Switch.

However, we still don't have any actual confirmation of these rumours from Nintendo yet, so we'll just have to try to not get ahead of ourselves until they decide to put us out of our misery.

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