The best nine-dart finishes in World Darts Championships history

In darts, it doesn’t get any better than a nine-dart finish.

Think of it as the equivalent of a hole-in-one in golf, a 300-point game in bowling or a 147 break in snooker. Only the very best players in the world are capable of such skill, and here we’re looking at some of the greatest to ever do it.

To achieve a nine-dart finish, the player has to check out from 501 using only nine darts, the fewest number possible. There are 3,944 ways of landing 501 from nine shots, but very few people manage to pull any of them off.

The standard method of making a nine-dart finish starts with a score of 60 (with a treble 20), with the first six darts. This means you have to be able to precisely land a dart on the treble 20 spot six times in a row, a mean feat by itself.

With the score of 180 collected from the first six throws, the nine-dart finish then requires you to score 141 with the final three darts. The traditional way of doing this is to score a seventh treble 20, a treble 19 and finally, a double 12 to round the score off at 501. 

A video released by Sky Sports gives a compilation of the best examples of this incredible achievement in World Darts Championships history. The skill on show here is absolutely unbelievable.

The highlights reel begins with Dutchman Raymond van Barneveld, one of the most successful players in history, following the traditional nine-dart method. Beginning with six consecutive treble 20 hits, followed by a treble 19 and finishing with a double 12 to round off an incredible nine-dart finish.

Clearly, this wasn’t a fluke, as the very next clip is Barneveld once again achieving the impossible, using the exact same method to bag the 501.

Followed by the Dutchman is the “Jackpot” Adrian Lewis who manages to pull off the exact same method, and also features in the video twice as a master of the nine-dart finish.

The video also features Yorkshireman Dean Winstanley who again follows the standard treble 20, treble 19, double 12 methods to secure a brilliant nine-darter.

The video also features various other darts stars including Michael van Gerwen, Terry Jenkins, Kyle Anderson and the ‘Flying Scotsman’ Gary Anderson, who all managed to achieve the incredible feat in the PDC World Darts Championship tournaments. 

Whether you’re a darts fan or not, it’s impossible to describe these players as anything other than incredibly skilled and completely dedicated to their sport.

A nine-darter isn’t a common occurrence, especially in the World Darts Championships, so it’s great to savour the moment any time it happens. 

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