FIFA 20: Ranking the 10 most annoying players to face on Ultimate Team

With most of the world currently on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, FIFA 20 has suddenly become a tool of utmost importance.

The latest edition of EA Sports’ franchise is essential to killing hours during the day, but it can also be one of the most frustrating time-killers of all.

Playing Ultimate Team can often feel like a chore. You load up the game beaming with confidence, only to see the same familiar faces in the loading screen, followed by a reluctant pressing of ‘forfeit match’ minutes later.

Like with every edition of FIFA, there are a select group of players that are simply horrible to play against and that also makes them extremely popular.

So we’ve decided to have a go at ranking the 10 worst, 10 players who’s card instantly sends a shudder down your spine – unless they’re smashing it for you, of course.

If these guys haven’t inflicted virtual pain upon you, you’re either a no-good liar or too good at the game. It’s usually the former…

10. N’Golo Kante

The only reason Kante isn’t higher on this list is because his player in FIFA 20 is probably a fair reflection of him in real life.

Intercepting everything that moves and never getting caught out of position, Kante brings attacks to their knees with effortless ease.

If you’ve got his Team of the Year card, just know you’ve caused nothing but misery for others!

9. Clement Lenglet

Why does this guy feel like Usain Bolt and Paolo Maldini rolled into one?!

Even your fastest attacker cannot escape the clutches of Lenglet and it’s probably easier to run through a brick wall than attempt to get past the Frenchman.

The image of Lenglet alongside Raphael Varane is simply terrifying.

8. Moussa Sissoko

Imagine having Eddie Hall with pace at the base of your midfield, because that’s what Sissoko feels like.

The Spurs cult hero is impossible to get off the ball or burst past and if it wasn’t for his slightly sub-par finishing, he’d be the complete player.

His 81-rated card is more than enough to induce rage, but EA Sports have just released an 88-rated version of Sissoko for FUT Birthday with a five-star weak foot and honestly, it looks terrifying.

7. Mislav Orsic

Where on earth did this guy come from? EA Sports handed Orsic an 82-rated in-form card and it’s an absolute monster.

Since then, the Croatian winger has received a Headliners card which is now rated at 86 and it really is the super-sub from hell.

The sight of your knackered right-back trying to keep pace with Orsic pretty much sums up FIFA 20.

6. Adama Traore

Thought Orsic was bad? He’s nothing compared to Traore. After handing him a Scream and Headliners card, the Wolves man is dream shatterer in the game.

A pace rating of 99, the strength of an ox and skills for days, the Spaniard is literally unstoppable.

When an opponent pauses the game and calls upon Orsic and Traore, it’s time to turn the console off and have a lie down.

5. Frenkie de Jong

Here’s a good idea, lets give a midfielder who can pass and dribble better than most all the pace in the world and the ability to intercept and dispossess everyone with ease.

Yeah, cheers for that one EA Sports. While De Jong is a fine player in real-life, his FIFA 20 player has been overpowered to the point where you could liken him to prime Lothar Matthaus.

Despite the fact his shooting is meant to be poor, he still finishes most chances as well…

4. Nelson Semedo

The partnership of Lenglet and Varane is only made worse by the sight of Barcelona’s lightning-quick Portuguese right-back alongside them on the flank.

Semedo will catch up to any winger and his four-star skills make him a dream for players who enjoy humiliating others.

His 82-rated card genuinely feels closer to 90, like a Portuguese Cafu!

3. Ryan Kent

Anyone else sick of seeing this guy stroll off the bench on 60 minutes and score a hat-trick?

The Rangers winger’s Europa League Road to the Final card feels like it was created in a dungeon somewhere by EA Sports to inflict pain upon others.

Ninety-eight pace, five-star weak foot and a deadly finisher, Kent might just be the most feared English player on Ultimate Team – who’d have predicted that last September?

2. Ferland Mendy

The only 80-rated card that feels like a bloody ICON.

Four-star skills and five-star weak foot on a left-back? That’s just not fair. Oh and he’s also rapid with copious amounts of strength and aggression, just for flavour.

Many a right-winger have been silenced by Mendy and many more will continue to be quashed as fans flock to the game during lockdown – pray for those wingers people!

1. Wissam Ben Yedder

A clear winner. Not since the days of Welliton has a striker inspired so much fear on FIFA Ultimate Team.

He’ll dribble past your best defenders like they were pre-schoolers and he’ll finish any chance like he was Ronaldo Nazario, Pele and Cristiano Ronaldo rolled into one terrifying machine.

His 88-rated Player of the Month card is the equivalent of FIFA 19’s Flashback Zlatan Ibrahimovic, maybe even worse.

So there we are, the 10 most fear-inducing cards ranked for your pleasure.

Ben Yedder has been finding the goal regularly for AS Monaco in 2019/20 and is certainly a fine player in real life.

But even the Frenchman would admit that he’s been seriously overpowered on FIFA 20, to the point where he’s so good that you end up playing against him every single game!

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