Premier League: The 10 most entertaining teams of the last 20 years revealed

  • Kobe Tong

The Premier League has long been considered the most entertaining league in the world.

Traditionally, England’s top tier has stood above its European counterparts for its attacking brand of football, lack of back-to-back champions and the sheer unpredictability of each and every game.

While, yes, that concept that has been challenged by Liverpool‘s utter dominance this season, there’s no denying that the Premier League is still one of the biggest attractions in all of sport.

But if there’s entertainment across every match, then it becomes even tougher to name the most entertaining side that the competition has seen, particularly since the turn of the millennia.

Some would argue that one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United teams is worthy, others would plump for Manchester City’s ‘centurions’ and many would back Arsenal‘s legendary ‘Invincibles’.

Most entertaining Premier League teams

Ultimately, the question will always be a matter of subjectivity amongst fans, but that hasn’t stopped the team Spreadex from trying to settle the debate once and for all through the medium of data.

The spread betting firm used statistics to analyse every team from each of the seasons since 2000 in order to establish which were the most exciting to watch.

The system works as follows: “Based on the Team Performance betting make-up of every match played by every team in the Premier League over the past 20 seasons.

The 10 most entertaining teams

“Teams are awarded points in each match played based on: 25 points for winning the match, 10 points for drawing, 0 for losing, 15 points per goal scored, 10 points for a clean sheet, 3 per corner taken, -5 for each yellow card received and -15 for any red card.”

Got it? Ok, well, you can check out and debate the findings for the top 10 most entertaining teams the Premier League has seen over the last 20 seasons down below:

10. Liverpool (2013/14)

Score: 71.37 

Final position: Second

9. Man Utd (2009/10)

Score: 73.18 

Final position: Second

8. Man City (2011/12)

Score: 73.47 

Final position: First

7. Man Utd (2011/12)

Score: 75.05 

Final position: Second

6. Man City (2013/14)

Score: 76.03 

Final position: First

5. Liverpool (2018/19)

Score: 76.11 

Final position: Second

4. Liverpool (2019/20)

Score: 76.66

Final position: N/A

3. Chelsea (2009/10)

Score: 77.97 

Final position: First

2. Man City (2018/19)

Score: 81.68

Final position: First

1. Man City (2017/18)

Score: 82.55 

Final position: First

GIVEMESPORT’s Kobe Tong says

Pretty hard to argue with that.

What Pep Guardiola achieved during the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons at the Etihad Stadium was nothing short of spectacular, fostering a brand of football that many thought would be impossible in England.

The Citizens played by far the best football we’ve seen in the Premier League since 2000 and comfortably surpassed the level of any United champions, albeit across a much smaller timeframe.

It’s also nice to see Carlo Ancelotti’s Chelsea getting a mention because their gung-ho style of attacking football never gets the credit it deserves, becoming the first team to surpass 100 Premier League goals in a season.

Lest we forget they slaughtered Sunderland 7-2, annihilated Aston Villa 7-1, humiliated Stoke City 7-0 and obliterated Wigan Athletic all in the space of a few months.

Liverpool are also worthy of credit for both their team this season and last, playing a dynamic style of football that, although just shy of City’s quality, is also incredibly easy on the eye.

And it’s interesting to note that United’s most entertaining sides since 2000 were actually runners-up, proving that sometimes you need a more sensible philosophy to reap the results.   

Besides, let it be noted that the only team to go an entire Premier League season unbeaten – 2003/04 Arsenal, of course – finished near the bottom of the champions with a score of 60.95. 

Entertainment and results don’t always come hand-in-hand, after all.

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