80% of fans would choose winning the World Cup over the Premier League

The Premier League or the World Cup – which would you prefer?

Those two trophies represent the two competitive sides of the game, and not just at club v country level, either.

One represents a league format, rewarding consistency over an entire season, where it’s results against everyone that matters and luck doesn’t come into it.

If you’re the best in the competition, you’ll win.

The other is the toughest knockout competition in the world, where you may only get one chance while at your peak and if you slip up, you’re done.

The pressure to perform is unlike anything else.

But which trophy is prized the most? We went to find out with a poll on the GiveMeSport Facebook page – and the results were clear-cut.

80% of you would prefer to win the World Cup than the Premier League.

And honestly, despite the virtues of winning your league title, we’re surprised the difference isn’t even bigger.

The World Cup is the pinnacle of the sport, heaping on the pressure and asking you to do what no one else can.

You even have legendary teams, some of the best we’ve ever seen – Hungary ’54, the Netherlands ’70, Brazil ’82 etc. – who couldn’t pull it off.

The best players and teams from every country is there, all vying for the same thing.

You can’t say the same about the Premier League – many of the best club teams are off playing in different leagues.

And yet, 20% of you still hold league football above cup football, even the World Cup.

That’s surely a testament to the format proving you’re the best of the best that year.

That, or we have a lot of Liverpool fans reading GiveMeSport.com.

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