Gamer creates main characters from Tiger King on Sims 4


A gamer on Sims 4 has decided to create all the main characters from the popular docu-series ‘Tiger King’.

Tiger King is a true crime documentary that was launched on Netflix earlier this year and uncovers a world of big cats and those who like to collect them.

The story focuses on zookeeper Joe Exotic, other wise known as Joseph Maldonado-Passage, who is one of the most famous tiger owners in the USA.

Not only does the series focus on Exotic’s eccentric lifestyle, the series looks into his long-running feud with animal activist Carole Baskin.

Following the growing popularity and interest in the series, American Kari Nichole McKendrick decided to create all the main characters that feature in the documentary on Sims 4.

Kari wrote on Facebook: “Ladies and gentlemen… hold onto your murder contracts. I present to you: The Tiger King!”

The details of the Sims characters created by the Florida resident are incredibly accurate, with the Exotic avatar including his signature bleached mullet, tiger-pain shirt and cowboy hat.

Not only did the gamer create Carole Baskin with her flower crown, but also Exotic’s former husband John Finlay and his late husband Travis Maldonado with the promise of more characters to come.

The creation of Finlay’s crooked teeth, baseball hats and tattoos is particularly challenging to replicate, however, Kari got it spot on!

Exotic’s three-way marriage is reportedly difficult to set up, however, Kari did manage to get them to play with the virtual tigers and dress up in their bubble-gum pink suits.

There is, of course, always the prospect of trying to get Exotic and his main rival Baskin peacefully living together in the same house.

If you do not realise why this will never happen in real life, then you need to watch the show to find out more about this deeply personal and exotic feud.

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