UFC news: Tony Ferguson elbows metal bars in training to 'harden his bones' before fights

The curse of Tony Ferguson v Khabib Nurmagomedov has cruelly struck again.

It may well be time to give up all hope of ever seeing these two come to blows inside the Octagon as, for a fifth time, the fight has been called off.

Khabib confirmed the news this week in a social media post where he stated that due to the global travel restrictions now in place, that he simply could not get out of Russia to partake in the fight.

UFC chief Dana White has been a man on a mission of late, doing everything within his power to make sure the fight went ahead as planned.

However, even he was powerless in the end and we will now have a further wait for one of the most hotly anticipated fights in the sport.

The prospect of seeing two of the toughest men on the planet go at it was keeping fans going during the global lockdown but now they will have to make do with whatever White can cook up between now and April 18.

Whoever Ferguson does end up fighting though, could be in for quite a chastening night of it.

That is because footage from a Ferguson training session in 2018 is beginning to do the rounds online again and simply put, it’s a little bit mad.

During an interview day with Brett Okamoto, Ferguson showcased the unorthodox technique that he uses to ‘harden his bones’.

For 15 minutes Okamoto watched as Ferguson systematically elbowed a solid piece of metal, moving up and down the length of his forearm as he went along.

You can see the incredible moment in the video below:

Unreal – while some people struggle to even use the gym equipment, this man is out here smacking his arm against it.

One thing is for sure, White and co will, at some point in the future, try to get Khabib into the Octagon with Ferguson and we can’t wait.

Just imagine how hard his bones will be by then.

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